The how-to guide to taking care of your marriage

The how-to guide to taking care of your marriage

Here are 3 ways in which you can continue to love your other half as you did the day you got married

If you are still fortunate enough to be in the honeymoon period of your relationship, the very idea that you should have to “remember” to make time for your partner will seem silly. At the start of the relationship everything is new and shiny; you can’t keep your hands off of each other and you constantly think about each other when apart.

Skip ahead a few years; you are now happy and secure in your relationship. You may even be married. You enjoy spending time together still, but you like your alone time too. Even though you’re still deeply attracted to one another; you aren’t as “hands on” as you were at the beginning. Don’t panic, it’s a natural progression- if the Honeymoon period were to last forever then we would never get anything done.



The problem begins when you become too focused on getting things done; that is when your man starts to feel left out.

You’re busy all the time. If you have kids then you’ll have lunches to pack, groceries to buy, dinner to make and lets not forget Mum’s taxi service. Of course there’s also work as well as any hobbies or semblance of a social life that you might have. It’s no wonder that at the end of the day, all you might feel like doing is crawling into bed feigning a headache. Again.




Making extra time for your man on top of all this will probably seem exhausting, but although it might not feel like it now, it will benefit you both in the long run.

Being a loving wife is just as important as being a loving Mum.

If you and your husband are fortunate enough to have children, then you both doubtlessly spend a good deal of time running around after them. Your husband might not always say it but he appreciates all of the hard work you put in. Part of your duty as Mum is to give your children a good example to look up and aspire to. They will observe your relationship as they grow and should learn from you what a happy and healthy marriage is. If you neglect to spend time as a couple then your children aren’t being shown how to properly manage their own time in any future partnerships. Spending quality, meaningful time together will deepen your bond as a couple and therefore give your children emotional stability.



Time spent being a wife, is time spent being you.

When you spend time in your role as “wife” you get to be treated as an adult. You are no longer “mum”, the glorified housekeeper and chauffeur; neither are you “employee” or “boss”. As a wife or partner you are an equal. The love and attention your man can give you is different to the love and attention that you can get from anyone else. By spending time with your husband he can care for and nurture you in the ways you deserve as a woman- but you have to be still long enough to let him!



Your man needs nurturing as much as you do.

Just as you benefit from your husband’s affection, so will he benefit from yours. At times you may feel like you are putting in a lot of work, but don’t forget that your husband is too. He needs a break from the job of being “Dad”, and the pressures of work.



It may seem hard when life is so busy, but when you take the time to just be together you will both feel rejuvenated. If you can, try and get a babysitter and spend the evening out together. If that’s not an option then pencil in some time for yourselves once the kids have gone to bed. A quiet cuddle and a chat about your day might be all you have energy for in the beginning, but the more time you give each other the more rejuvenated you’ll become, and soon you won't be able to keep your hands off each other again!

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