How to relax the morning before your wedding

How to relax the morning before your wedding

Though you’re about to embark on a wonderful new journey; take some time to relax on the morning of the wedding…

At times, although your body may be seated, your mind could be on high alert, running all over the place. It’s only once you’re settled and your finally have a moment to rest, that your mind suddenly remembers all the things you need to do or might have forgotten that day.




For soon-to-be newlyweds, the morning of the wedding is not that different; this glorious day—the most important of your life so far—is supposed to be filled with fun, love and lots of happiness. But, you think to yourself, will everything go according to plan? Will the photographer get the pictures I want? Will it ever get sunnier?
Whilst these are all valid and important questions, relaying everything that could go wrong in your mind isn’t healthy and could leave you feeling stressed and jittery for the remainder of the day.
The morning of the wedding doesn’t have to be just for getting ready, taking this opportunity for trying to de-stress and get some well-deserved rest can help to clear your mind and approach the wonderful day ahead with optimism.



The morning of the wedding: The science behind stress


As amazing as the mind is, it cannot distinguish between what is real and what isn’t; for example, if you’re thinking about a worrying event that isn’t actually happening, you are in a way ‘tricking’ your brain into thinking that you are in fact in that situation and thus hormones are released to coincide with said situation. Simply put, your mind knows what you tell it, so tell it you’re stressed and your body will act accordingly!



Get relaxing


Make sure that the day before you have sorted everything you need then once you’re done, abandon all thoughts of the next day and go for a walk; enjoy an embrace with nature and try to distract yourself with anything else that may be happening around you. After you’ve taken a walk, get an early night; sleep really aids the body in repairing itself, so whatever strenuous activity you have been partaking in, ensure you get a lengthy amount of rest afterwards.

Breathe, breathe and breathe again. This is a common relaxation technique and is always recommended when trying to de-stress because it works! Try closing your eyes, lying down in a comfortable position and breathing in deeply imagining the air you’re taking in is working inside of you and relaxing you; picturing something else will help to distract your thoughts from wedding prep!



On the morning of the wedding, why not go for a walk again? Draw or do some writing depicting why you’re marrying your loved one; place scented candles around your room and stick on your favourite song. Music is definitely a panacea when trying to distress.




Tip: When trying to relax, don’t try too hard, if you’re uncomfortable or hungry, take some time to sort yourself out, get some food and come back to relaxing again.
It’s important that you maintain your health when planning a big event such as your wedding so ensure that you do this, remembering to eat well and take some time off as needed.

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