How To Preserve The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake

Want to save some for later? Here are some tips and tricks for preserving your wedding cake!

The wedding cake has been a part of traditional ceremonies for hundreds of years and you may spend quite a bit of time picking out the shape, size and flavour of your cake so it only seems right that a part of you may want to keep some back for yourself.


Despite what people think, the practice of saving the top tier for the newlywed couple is actually an age old tradition.



Wedding Cake


Traditionally, the wedding cake was made of wheat and was broken over the head of the bride to promote fertility and good fortune—thankfully a tradition that’s not so popular anymore!


Another tradition stated that the bottom tier was to be cut only by the bride as a symbol of her lost chastity.


The top tier of the wedding cake was traditionally preserved for the christening of the couple’s first child a year later and although these days, many couples may not keep the top tier for this reason solely, many are keeping it for celebrating their first anniversary.



Wedding Cake


Preserving the wedding cake - If this is more you’re taste, here’s how you can preserve the top tier of your wedding cake


First, remove any decorative ornaments that might easily fall off or damage the cake when you wrap it up.


Then place it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to ensure the icing hardens and you don’t make a mess when wrapping. Once you’ve taken it out, wrap the cake in several layers of cling film NOT FOIL. Foil can cause freezer burn and will completely ruin your cake, so take care when wrapping.


Seal it away in an airtight container for extra protection then pop it into your freezer. When you’re ready to use your cake, (a year later!) make sure that you have allowed a full day to prepare. Place the cake in the fridge to defrost, then after about 2 hours remove all wrapping then let rest at room temperature just before serving.



Wedding Cake


Top tip: Find out what the shelf life of your wedding cake is. Many different cakes like chocolate, nut based cakes and carrot cakes last longer than others whereas cakes with fresh fruit or whipped cream may not.


For a better understanding please click on this ( video link).


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