How To Plan a Wedding in 12 Weeks or Less

It needn’t take forever to plan a wedding, with a little organisation it’s doable in under 3 months!

When it comes to wedding planning we are encouraged to start as soon as possible in order to get everything done. Newly engaged women up and down the country seem to go planning crazy as soon as the ring goes on their finger.


It needn’t be this way! With some clever organisation you can plan a wedding and get everything done in 12 weeks or less. You may not end up with an uber swanky, black tie affair but you’ll have a lovely wedding day that your friends and family will be proud of.


plan a wedding


1. Get Back to Basics


plan a wedding


First things first; you need to set a date and a budget for your wedding. Once you’ve done that you can start organising a venue for the big day. Determine what kind of style or theme you would like and then pick a venue to suit your needs.


As you are working within a tight time frame you might not always get your first choice but there is always something available around the date that you want- and chances are you’ll be able to get it for a knocked-down price. If traditional venues are lacking then consider hiring out a restaurant or borrowing someone’s beautiful back garden.


2. Invite the Guests


plan a wedding


Once you have a time and a place nailed you can invite your guests. If you still have oodles of time left then you can spring for traditional paper invites but if you’re cutting it fine then opt for e-invites.


You’ll still get the look of a traditional wedding invite but without all the fuss of waiting for the post. Give your guest the option of RSVPing by phone or post to save yourself extra time, but be prepared to chase them down for a response as it is vital that you get your final head-count ASAP.


3. Vendor Sourcing


plan a wedding


Most local vendors will tell you that they need more notice; so be prepared for a lot of rejections. In order to pull off a wedding at short notice you need to be prepared to get creative, here are some ideas:


  • Go DIY with the catering and ask some friends and family to bring along their signature dish to create a mix and match style buffet


  • Forgo a DJ or Band (unless you know someone who can help you out), and make a killer playlist on your MP3 Player


  • Instead of a traditional bar, buy in beer and wine in bulk and hire someone to serve for the night; your guests won’t have to worry about carrying cash and you’ll save money by buying in bulk


  • Buy a shop-bought cake instead of having one made- it’ll save you a lot of time and money. If you buy one that is pre-iced with white icing you can have fun decorating it yourself


  • If no one florist can produce enough arrangements for your day then ask for a couple of arrangements from a few a different places. Ask for arrangements made from their standard stock to save them from ordering in


4. Source an Officiant


plan a wedding


There are any number of people who can marry you officially- any ordained member of the church, a judge, a justice of the peace or even a friend that has been ordained. Make some calls and get someone booked ASAP because without the right person to conduct the ceremony you won’t be legally married.


5. Get Your Wedding Outfit


plan a wedding


Forget ordering a gown from a bridal boutique, unless they have your size in stock (or near enough), it’ll take weeks or months to order it in. Have a look around on the high street and see what’s on offer; you could always purchase a white bridesmaid’s gown or prom dress at the fraction of the price of a bridal gown. If you know someone who’s good with a needle and thread then you could ask them to customize it for you, or you could always do it yourself.


6. Have a crafty Hen Do


plan a wedding


Gather all of your friends together on the day of the Hen and get creative making wedding favours and decorations. Throw some bubbly into the mix and you’ve got a party! Take them out for dinner and a night on the town afterwards as a massive thank you.


7. Prep the Paperwork!


plan a wedding


Get your butt down to your local council as soon as you can and organize all the paperwork. We know it’s boring but without a marriage licence all your creative efforts will be for nothing.


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