7 Reasons to Have a Sophis-TEA-cated Hen Party

7 Reasons to make your hen party a tea party.

There’s something so sophisticated and refined about drinking out of a teacup don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about having a boozy night out on the town with the girls, but you can do that any old Saturday night. So why not ditch the bright pink tutus and tiaras and opt for a more ladylike hen party? Besides, just because it’s a teacup doesn’t mean there has to be tea in it!


1. EVERYONE loves a tea party.


Even your mother-in-law. A tea party really is an all inclusive idea for a hen do; Granny, mum, you could even invite some of the older nieces or cousins if you wanted to. It’s a great way for everyone to chat and to bond over drinks and some tasty nibbles.


tea party hen do


2. Yummy treats!


Forget your pre-wedding diet, a hen tea party is all about stuffing your face. Cute little sandwiches, pretty fairy cakes and scones smothered with cream and jam! Delicious!


tea party hen do


3. It’s private if you want it to be.


If you choose to have your party in a private area or venue then you can make as much noise and be as silly as you like. You can play daft party games and gossip without worrying about who’s watching; you can be completely relaxed and we all know that’s when the most fun happens.


tea party hen do


4. You can pick your entertainment.


It may be that you choose a venue that provides entertainment, like a show perhaps, but you can always hire your own. Why not get a manicurist in and have your nails done as a treat, or maybe indulge in some arts and crafts so that everyone has a little keepsake. Failing that you could always hire a hunky man to serve your tea, dressed in nothing but a little frilly pinny!


tea party hen do


5. Your feet won’t hurt.


We all know that wearing heels on a hen party is a must, but by the end of a raucous night out your feet will be in bits. If you opt for a tea party then you will be sitting down for a good deal of the time; giving your pretty little feet the break that they deserve.


tea party hen do


6. It can be a TEA-total evening (or not!).


There’s no obligation to get absolutely plastered at a hen tea party (just as well - because no one wants to see their granny off her face),  but if you do fancy a bit of bubbly then a few glasses (or bottles) of champagne will go down a treat with your fancy sarnies.


tea party hen do


7. A tea party always looks amazing!


Who doesn’t love a well decorated table laden with beautifully iced goodies, place cards, dainty crockery and flowers? Done right and prepared well a tea party can be visually stunning and can be over-the-top girly in ways you can’t get away with at your wedding reception!


tea party hen do


If tea parties aren't really your thaaaang, take a look at some other hen party ideas with these 8 top tips on planning the perfect bridal party!

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