How to escape the "I-am-not-married-yet" Pressure

For good things to happen, you have to be patient.

I know exactly how most of you girls feel nowadays. All your girlfriends are getting engaged, married or pregnant and you are not even in a serious relationship yet. Or maybe you are but your wonderful partner hasn’t proposed yet. Perhaps it is true what they say. You are just getting more awesome every year, or at least that’s what you keep saying to yourself in the attempt to avoid the fear that your wedding day is never going to happen.


Maybe this is not your case, though, and you are a strong independent woman who will never come across as needy and desperate to have a husband. However, if you are starting to feel the I-am-not-married-yet Pressure, here’s a few tips on how to escape this awful syndrome and become the confident and beautiful person you know you truly are.



pressure married


First of all, stop comparing yourself to all the other people out there. You are not them and they will never be you. Also, you have no idea how this is a wonderful thing indeed, since you are a unique human being and do not want to be compared to anyone else. Each one of us have their own path in life, make their own experiences and have a different timing. Just because some of your friends are ready to get married, doesn’t mean you are, too.


Think about what you truly want and why you want it. Do you want to get married because you feel this is what you truly want or do you want marriage just because other people are getting married? Make sure you are pursuing your own dream and not some other people’ dream?



pressure married


Make a list of the things that matter to you. Writing can really help you sometimes. Remember that it’s all about priorities in life. Establish which one of your goals comes first. Once you have made it clear, nothing will stop you from making things happen. At your own pace.


Is your best friend (the one you grew up with) having a baby? Don’t be jealous and be happy for her, instead. Jealousy is such an awful and not-productive feeling that will only make you bitter. Remember that sometimes we only want things because we can’t have them. Trust your guts and you’ll realise that chasing things because you truly desire them is so much better than craving them without being passionate about them.



pressure married


One day you will get married, too. You will have babies and live the life you have always dreamt about. No need to rush things. If something is meant to be, it will happen in the right time and for the right reason.



pressure married

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