I Now Pronounce You Woman and Wife: How to Dress for a Lesbian Wedding

I Now Pronounce You Woman and Wife: How to Dress for a Lesbian Wedding

Bridal Fashion Options for a Lesbian Wedding: Just because you have boobs, doesn’t mean you have to wear a dress.

Traditionally speaking; when one thinks of a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is “The Wedding Dress”. This idea of the big, show-stopper dress can become somewhat tricky when there are two brides. That being said; just because you have boobs doesn’t mean that you will automatically feel comfortable wearing a dress. But never fear! The options for Lesbian bridal wear are vast, here are just a few of our favourites:



Dress & Suit

Let’s get the traditional combination out of the way first, shall we? They say that opposites attract and that might be the case for you. One bride might spend all of her time in skirts and dresses while the other prefers to rock jeans or trousers; if this is the case then it will be easy for you to decide who is wearing what and will, in fact, probably go without saying. For something a little different when it comes to the suit, why not opt for a dickie-bow and waistcoat? The combination is bang on trend at the minute and we love this Mod inspired look.


Suit dress

Dress & Dress

Oh we do love a good wedding dress here at Weddy, and with this combination you get two for the price of one. Well, not literally but wouldn’t that help with the wedding budget? It is worth bearing in mind; however, that matching two different dresses is nigh on impossible as there is no standard “white” when it comes to bridal gowns. Matching your personalities rather than each other’s outfits is often a popular way to go by opting for two dresses that are entirely different. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy wearing identical dresses, you might like to consider wearing dresses with complementary shades if you would like to match. Above all make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and that it is the right style of gown for your body shape.


Dress dress

Suit & Suit

Women can rock a suit just as well as men can. Don’t make the mistake; however, of expecting a suit tailored for a man to fit you straight off the rail. Men’s suits don’t make allowances for some female body shapes and so you might find that you have to have a suit made or, if opting for a man’s suit, have it altered. Many high street stores offer a wide range of trouser suits for women, though as the market is still in it’s infancy you might find more “wedding appropriate”, feminine trouser suits aimed at the mother of the bride(s). If the feminine trouser suit isn’t for you, then how about wearing denim? We love this suit combo- it’s fun, trendy and the accessories as a glamorous touch.


suit stui


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