6 Ways To Use Beautiful Bridal Lace

6 Ways To Use Beautiful Bridal Lace

Get inspired by the classics with a classy touch of bridal lace!

A touch of delicate bridal lace can pull together a gorgeous wedding gown, not only looking fabulous on the bride, but also as part of the décor. Still need convincing? Take a look…


1. Bridal shoes


If you’re going for the traditional white, why not go for a pair of heels in some beautifully brilliant bridal lace? Adding an element of vintage, this never goes out of style and suits both longer and shorter dresses complimenting the gown wonderfully!


Bridal Lace


2. Bridal lace inspired invitations


Whatever you theme, classic or not, entice your guests with a stunning invite they won’t be able to resist. Either order them online, or bust out the craft glue and make your own; whatever you decide you can’t go wrong with a luxurious lace theme!


Bridal Lace


3. Lace inspired wedding favours


Make your wedding favours look charming with a lace or lace inspired detail that your guests will love to take home no matter what’s inside them!


Bridal Lace


4. Lace inspired wedding cake


Nothing says classic like an exquisite vintage inspired lace wedding cake. Though the most traditional, it still remains the most popular and most stunningly poignant for brides everywhere whether it matches your dress or not!


Bridal Lace

5. Lace inspired jewellery


Lace doesn’t have to be just for your dress! Adorn your hands and neck with more luxury vintage detail guaranteed to make you feel like a pin up all day!


Bridal Lace


6. Lace decorations


Basically bridal lace rules! Versatile, gorgeous and easy to use, not only can it be used for dresses, to inspire wedding cakes and invitations, it can look equally as elegant when used as decoration. Whether on your table tops, or beautifully draped, the added lace feature will only enhance the magic on your big day!


Bridal Lace

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