8 Tips on How to Avoid Being a Bridezilla

8 Tips on How to Avoid Being a Bridezilla

Being a bridezilla is a thought that sends shivers down the back of any bride-to-be so read these tips on how to avoid being a bridezilla

It takes a lot to be considered a bridezilla. Although you may start off the planning process with a rose-tinted view, it is easy to slip into being the dreaded bridezilla. While we understand being a  bridezilla is bound to happen during at some point during the planning process, it’s always best to avoid the bridezilla label. If you’re not sure what kind of actions get you this unwanted title, we have these 8 tips on how to avoid being a bridezilla.



1. It’s not your way or no way – don’t expect that just because you’re the bride you’ll automatically get everything your way. Believe it or not, weddings aren’t just about the bride so be ready to compromise.





2. Respect your family, friends and guests. Throughout the whole process, it can be easy to become wrapped up in your own chaos and forget that there are people out there that are willing to help out too. However, these people also need to be considered. So before you plan that tropical wedding on an island 1000 miles away, consider who you expect to be there. Take a step back before finalising plans.





3. Always wear a smile – Yes, planning and budgeting stress can sometimes get the best of you, but don’t become a dreary bride-to-be – it’s never a good look. if you stress out too much before the day, you risk not enjoying the day itself.





4. Try to keep some perspective. You may find at the time that those rose table decorations being a shade on the wrong side, but in the grand scheme of things, is it going to really matter? Your day will be filled with happiness regardless of the table decoration and the likelihood is, your guests won't notice either (unless you point it out).





5. Don’t expect perfection – On the big day all the little things you were worried about will become insignificant, in fact you may not even notice them at all. So, even if things don’t go your way, enjoy your day. You family, friends and guests will know how important this day is for you so trust them to help you when you need it most- they may just surprise you.





6. A thousand themes – Sometimes less is more and though you may want the wedding car to look just as spectacular as the wedding venue, it’s sometimes best to keep your wedding theme simple.





7. Perhaps take a day off- Sometimes doing something stressful for a continued amount of time with no break can push you over the edge, and it could even muck up your perspective and spoil the sentiment behind the day itself. Don't be afraid to take a day off now and again and come back with a fresh perspective. While the day may seem so close, you need to give yourself time too.





8. And finally, remember – Each day remind yourself how happy you are to be getting married. Although they can be stressful, weddings are ultimately about you as a couple. So just sit back and enjoy the bride ride. After all, you will (on average) only get married once so enjoy every moment to the fullest.





If you would like more ideas for a simple and stress free wedding planning process, look at these 10 tips to kick start your wedding planning. 

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