Hot Trend 2015: The Skinny Engagement Ring

The trend for ring-stacking has been around for a while now.

It’s all about layering slim-lined, skinny jewellery of different materials to give maximum impact. It has been such a popular style trend that it’s no wonder that it’s begun to influence the style of modern engagement rings.


skinny engagement ring


The key to getting the skinny engagement ring right is to choose thin band rings, so rather than bulking out your fingers with multiple chunky pieces, their silhouettes remain lean and feminine. Thin band engagement rings are possibly the most flattering style of ring on the market. The thin strip of metal acts as an optical illusion and make the finger seem longer and thinner. Ideal for those of us not blessed with pianists fingers!


skinny engagement ring


When it comes to pairing your skinny engagement ring with a wedding band, the options are endless. The streamline design of the band means that the engagement ring will sit well with almost any style of wedding band- it leaves plenty of room for different shapes and styles. Despite the delicate nature of the skinny band they often come in remarkably detailed variations; so if you like your rings simple or as ornate as they come you’re bound to find one that suits you.


skinny engagement ring


Alternatively, some fashion-forward couples are opting for stacked engagement rings. Rather than selecting one showstopping ring, they are selecting two or three rings with smaller gemstones and adding to the collection on special anniversaries. For ladies that like to mix up their look, or for men who can’t make a decision when it comes to one ring, this is a terrific idea!


skinny engagement ring


“Wait a second!” I hear you cry, “Won’t having more than one ring be a bit expensive?” Surprisingly not, each of these rings are so slim and understated that they start from as little as £100 each. Not bad when they say you should spend a months salary on an engagement ring. Think of how many sparkles you’d get for that price!


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