Home or Abroad - Where should you get married?

Home or Abroad - Where should you get married?

Should you plan your wedding overseas or in the comforts of home?

A destination wedding or a traditional celebration closer to home? That is the question! Every engaged couple toys with the idea of tying the knot abroad – it’s exotic, it stands out, and it might even save you money! But there are certain special traditions you can only get at home. So how do you decide whether to jet off to Bora Bora with your nearest and dearest or book the local village chapel for a fairy tale ceremony? By looking at the pros and cons of course!


Flying Off Into the Sunset

The world is your oyster! From Florence to Fiji, Cuba to Crete, a hidden island paradise to a stunning medieval city - the world is full of destinations where romance flows freely through the streets, and you can take your pick of any one. And when you choose a secluded beach, a woodland retreat, or a gothic castle as the backdrop for your nuptials you won’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to dress it up – it’s already picture perfect.


Wedding Destinations


Staying at Home

If a great hall filled with all of your loved ones, past and present, is your idea of the perfect wedding day then staying close to home is the best way to go. After all, trying to fly great aunt. In fact, one of the main benefits to tying the knot abroad is the cost. You’ll likely have fewer guests in attendance which means you’re spending less on food, drink, and accommodation, and with the abundance of packages available to happy couples there’s always a good deal waiting just around the corner. Getting Aunt Petunia all the way to Sydney might not be so simple, and asking 200 guests to jet off half way around the world won’t be within all of their budgets.


Wedding Destinations



With a local wedding you can pick a venue that has special, sentimental meaning to you and your spouse and share it with all of your guests, and you can still have that exotic escape as a newly married couple with your honeymoon just around the corner.


Choose the Wedding You Love

Remember, your wedding is just that, yours. If an intimate ceremony in the sun is all your heart desires then you can celebrate with your wider friends and family when you return, or if you’ve always dreamed sharing your special day with everyone you love then keep it simple and local, it’s all about you.


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