How To Throw A Hipster Wedding in 5 Simple Steps

How To Throw A Hipster Wedding in 5 Simple Steps

How to plan the coolest hipster wedding, not that you care about being cool of course

Are you a year-round Movember participant? Do you own an iPod and yet listen exclusively to vinyl? Does the idea of buying your organic quinoa anywhere but wholefoods make you physically shudder? Well my friend, you just might be a hipster. As a hipster you’ll obviously want your wedding to stand out and reflect how unique and edgy you are - you don’t have to walk down the aisle to a Phosphorescent tune, but you can follow these 5 simple steps.


1. Don’t Buy a Wedding Dress


Hipster Wedding


Buying a wedding dress? Ugh, so done. Who’s Vera Wang to tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear down the aisle? You can take any dress from any vintage boutique or thrift store and turn it into your wedding attire – just make sure to wear flowers in your hair and show off your tattoos.

2. Invite Art


Hipster Wedding


Your invites should be so much more than pieces of paper covered in something as bland as details of your wedding venue, they should be art! Your guests should want to adorn their walls with your incredible, innovative invites for years to come! Think handmade infographics that are all about you, and if you need a little inspiration just head on over to Etsy.

3. Location is Key


Hipster Wedding


You aren’t constrained by societies view on what is and isn’t a ‘chapel’, the world is your chapel! You can get married anywhere you like from your favourite vegan doughnut shop to the park where you and your partner shared your first kiss – there are no limits when it comes to celebrating love.

4. Cake Shmake


Hipster Wedding


Cake – delicious? Yes. But done to death. You’ve been to enough weddings and tasted enough wedding cake to know that simple eggs, flour, and sugar just isn’t ‘wow’ enough for your guests, that’s why you’re serving organic homemade vegan almond butter cookies, followed by a local, ethically produced cheeseboard instead.

5. Anyone Can Hire a Photographer…


Hipster Wedding


…but let’s be honest, they probably won’t be half as good at artfully capturing the moment as you and your friends are. Take the money you would have spent on a photographer and instead hire the next David Lynch to video your special day so you can sit and enjoy it over an ice cold home-brew after the honeymoon.

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