Help! I Do NOT Like My Engagement Ring!

It’s a little discussed problem, but what should you do if you hate your engagement ring?

Most little girls dream of their wedding; about the man that will sweep them off their feet and the gorgeous ring that he’ll present to them on one knee. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always come true. You have, evidently, been lucky enough to find a man that you adore but unfortunately you want to scream, "I do NOT like my engagement ring!"

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If you didn’t work with your fiance to choose an engagement ring then the poor fellow was left up to his own devices to pick a suitable ring for you. Doubtless you have excellent taste, and so it was going to be a hard job to reach your high standards.


The poor lad did his best, but try as you might, you just don’t like it.


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So what is a girl to do if she just doesn’t like the ring her beloved has put on her finger? We’ve come up with a couple of options for you that will hopefully help you out.


1. Redesign it Together


This option will be easier to get away with if the ring is a family heirloom. Chances are it doesn’t fit perfectly or it’s in a style that isn’t particularly fashionable today- all valid reasons to have it re-worked. If it is an heirloom suggest that you would like to reset the stones in a more up-to-date style or if the ring is brand new then ask your partner if he could help you pick a setting that is more in keeping with your personal style.

Or ditch the ring all together and get tattoos!


2. Be Gentle


Before you belittle his ring choice, bear in mind that your poor bloke has just had to muster up the courage to ask one of the most important questions of his life. This is not a subject to be blunt about! You don’t want to trample over his feelings after all. Tactfully explain to your fiancé that you cannot see yourself wearing that particular style of ring and that you would like to go shopping together to find something a little more wearable. Remember that if he put a great deal of thought into the ring, and why wouldn’t he have, this subject is going to be a sensitive one.


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3. Suck it up


So what if you aren’t in love with your ring? You’re in love with the man that gave it to you and that really should be all that matters. In the interests of not offending your husband to be: keep your dislike to yourself. Had it occurred to you that your fiancé might not be able to afford his first choice ring, let alone yours? You mustn’t lose sight of what the ring actually represents, and that it’s a token of your partner’s love and commitment to you as you begin your life together. Keep in mind how much effort he is likely to have put in when choosing the ring, and about those loving words he said to you when he presented it to you- it should put things into perspective.


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