5 Innovative Guest Book Alternatives

5 Innovative Guest Book Alternatives

Get creative with these fun guest book alternatives

After the cake is cut and the confetti is thrown, having something tangible to help you reminisce over the wedding festivities is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face in years to come. Your wedding guestbook is a great way to remember who shared your special day with you, but in this day and age there really is no need to take the conventional approach to recording your guests’ good wishes. An innovative guestbook alternative will be good fun for everyone to participate in and won’t be so likely to be forgotten about or tucked away in a dusty drawer. So think outside the box - or shall we say, think outside the book, and take a look at these creative alternatives:  


1: Pebbles

Perfect for a beach themed wedding; keep them on your coffee table and they’ll be a constant reminder of those closest to you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to keep your messages private, store them in a keepsake box for you and your husband to open on a rainy day.


Guest Book Alternatives Pebble 2

2: Tree stumps

These rustic tree stumps tree stumps exude a natural beauty which is hard to create through a traditional guestbook. This eco-friendly alternative is perfect for a woodland themed wedding, and will become a beautiful addition to any garden.  Save On Crafts.


Guest Book Alternatives Stump 2

3: Plates

Why not let your guestbook become a feature of your new home? Hang your messages on the wall for everyone to see, or display them in a cabinet as a fond reminder of your special day.


Guest Book Alternatives Guest Book Alternatives

4: Puzzle

Everyone loves a puzzle, and having your guests write their messages on puzzle pieces will give you and your partner the joy of recreating your guestbook over and over again.


Guest Book Alternatives Guest Book Alternatives

5: Drop top

A slightly more pricey alternative, this drop top box drop top guestbook is a sweet and simple way for guests to post their well wishes. They even come in different sizes to cater for a larger or smaller guest list. The Wedding Tree.


Guest Book Alternatives Guest Book Alternatives

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