Groomsmen Duties: What Do They Exactly Do?

There’s more to it than the stag night and a tux!

It’s easy to look at a group of the groom’s friends and think that it’s pretty much all fun and games, but groomsmen duties extend far beyond making sure the groom is utterly humiliated on his stag night.

Believe it or not, there are in fact quite a few responsibilities a groomsman has and not all of them are incredibly obvious.


Serving as an usher

Groomsmen duties include making sure everyone has the right seat- so that's the bride’s family on the right, groom’s on the left. (Of course, if it’s a Jewish wedding, switch it around.)

A groomsman traditionally takes a woman’s arm and escorts her to her seat. If a group of ladies arrive, always take the arm of the oldest first.


Organising the stag do

Of course we know the best man usually does all the organising, but since celebrations are more likely to be weekend affairs these days, all friends of the groom usually pitch in and lend a helping hand. Two heads are usually better than one and you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget who was bringing what!

You would of course also have to attend every other celebration the happy couple may have including engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and couple showers.


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Make a speech

You’d need to know when exactly the right time is to make a speech as well as making it a good one and we all know how hard that can be!


Get your tux fitted

It only makes sense to get your formal gear fitting you perfectly, but it’s surprising how many groomsmen forget this necessity. Firstly, think carefully about whether you want to buy or rent, and make sure you get fitted in plenty of time. A badly fitted designer jacket will look cheaper than a well-fitted jacket costing less than half the price.


Arriving early

Not only is punctuality important so you can get a feel for the venue (believe me, you will be used as an information kiosk throughout the day so it’s best to get a feel for your surroundings), but of all the groomsmen duties, this is especially essential so you can be there for the groom. Like brides everywhere, grooms also get a little nervous come the moment of truth and will need distracting. Ease his mind with some games, food and lots of laughter- it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!


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Reception duties

Be prepared: people are going to try to set you up with single female guests so watch out for ladies being escorted to the dance floor!

As well as helping out ‘fair maidens, ’ you may be required to move some muscle- you’d be surprised how many people arrived at a wedding with luggage including the wedding planner, the photographer and other guests apparently hoping to stash a serious amount of cake.

On a serious note, groomsmen are traditionally responsible for keeping the atmosphere alive and getting everyone dancing: another tough job that someone has to inevitably undertake!


Other groomsmen duties

As well as all the important things that bring a wedding together, you will also have to think of a great wedding present along with the other groomsmen for the happy couple.

The best man, groomsmen and bridesmaids will usually work together to decorate the couple’s getaway car in style.

Above all, the groomsmen inject the party with much charm, life and lots and lots of fun; it is a hard job after all…


If you need help becoming the best groomsman in the world, get in touch with us!

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