Glastonbury- The Perfect Venue for a Pagan Wedding

Glastonbury- The Perfect Venue for a Pagan Wedding

Glastonbury is simply where it’s at

Here’s why Glastonbury is perfect for a pagan or alternative wedding. So, another insight into my personal adventures in life; I recently went to Glastonbury with a friend who pre-empted the trip with “there are glittery unicorn statues in the streets, Jess! In the streets!” which, of course, immediately enticed me.

Unfortunately, being out of Glastonbury’s “primetime”, there were few (read: one) glittery unicorn(s),  much to my dismay. Nevertheless the place is glorious and well worth a trip, even if Spirit Animals and Goddesses aren’t your thing. The shops and the people are fascinating (it was, and will forever be, the one time in life I witnessed a man wear lemon yellow crocs, and look damn good) but the thing that immediately stood out to be was the architecture, and how good some areas would be for a wedding.



Take this courtyard, for example. This was perhaps just a few metres from the high street, but a quick slither down a narrow magical, stone-encrusted alley and you were in another world. Lined with quaint little shops selling a plethora of pretty things; hand-carved boxes (hello, ring box?) birthstones,  incense, and some of the best tie-dye jobs I’ve ever seen. In a Chinese-boxes manner, this courtyard leads to another, through probably the most exciting tunnel ever, and made me feel a little bit like a fairy princess in a Lord of the Rings scenario.



The place in question would make a great venue for an outdoors reception; there are food facilities to offer the guests, fun activities such as tarot or palm readings, and a temple of worship for any curious guests. And, well, the place is simply beautiful to be in. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for a nice overhanging vine display, or hand-carving.



Now as the bride, one would hope you were already well-equipped with all your wedding needs by the time you arrive, but many guests may want to take a quick browse around Glastonbury’s extensive and very illuminating, shops; which sell everything from stuffed mice to specially-formulated love potions. Amongst the vast array of incredible things that I but glimpsed whilst I was there, the clothing caught my eyes the most, when considering guest (or bridal) outfits.




The headdresses available here, for example, were amongst some of the best and most wondrous I’ve ever come across. Anyone who likes floral things,  particularly head garlands, will probably find something there that they like; they ranged from simple rows of flowers, to huge, delightful affairs complete with wigs, veils and, in one instance,  horns.


If you are wanting to go down the pagan/alternative route with your wedding theme, a few more places that you could consider involving in your research would be Burleska, who design the most amazing corset wedding dresses, and, who are specialists in the field and are the really the only people you need when planning your wedding.

Another great, highly social thing to get involved would be, which is a Glastonbury wedding community where you can share ideas and just general “hurrah!” excitement.


Photography by Jessica Lowe.

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