Getting Married While Pregnant: Tips & Tricks For Shining On Your Big Day

Getting married while pregnant means you have a lot to celebrate and a lot to plan…

Having a baby on its own is a huge and wonderful life event; throw in the addition of a wedding and you’ll be celebrating for many months to come! For some future brides however, the notion of getting married while pregnant is a scary one and may feel like an impossible task. But there’s no need to fear! Not only should you be thrilled but know that getting married while pregnant is definitely possible—and you can look great while doing it too!



The key to getting it right is timing. Many suggest aiming for a wedding in the second trimester. Most pregnant women feel a lot better by then, with morning sickness and its symptoms usually gone. Plus, the mid-pregnancy bump will be easier to dress and will look adorable while you walk down the aisle.

When having a dress fitting, ensure you let your fitter know that you may be showing a little more on the day and they will advise you on what style of dress to get. Though you’ll look great in almost anything, dresses with an empire waist will flatter your bump beautifully.



When picking your dress go for lighter fabrics that won’t stiffen you or create too much heat such as chiffon, silk/light satin and crepe. Don’t forget to order shoes in a slightly bigger size for increased comfort and possibly keeping a spare pair of comfortable flats nearby.


Enlist the help of friends or a wedding planner to reduce stress. It’s still important that you get relaxing so tone down the celebrations to something that will be eliminate stressful additions to your wedding day. Stay away from anything that might compromise that in any way explaining to others that your baby’s health comes first.



You’ll never get a glow like you have now and getting married while pregnant is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that! Avoid acidic products and wash your face regularly with gentle cleansers. If you wish to get one, a professional makeup artist will know how to make you look great without looking too oily or cakey.


Obviously you won’t be celebrating in the same way your guests will, but don’t forget to keep drinking lots of water and to get something to eat. Keep your outfit simple and fuss free so you can easily visit the ladies and don’t forget to relax once in a while so you can save some of that energy for the next dance.



Remember to have fun and to enjoy the moment as much as you can; your photo album will be filled with precious memories of the beginning of your life with your new family.


For assistance on planning your wedding whilst pregnant, contact Weddy!

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