Getting Married While Being Pregnant

Congratulations! You’re about to get married and you also happen to be pregnant.

Gone are the days when the pregnant bride had a rushed, quiet wedding to cover the “shame”.


As a matter of fact, many brides are getting married while being pregnant nowadays and the pregnant bride has every right to stand tall and feel proud, as well as looking radiant on her special day.


Either of those life events is an occasion for celebration, so navigating both at the same time can be hard, but definitely not impossible.


married while being pregnant


First of all, as I said, times have changed. However, that doesn’t mean people have changed. At least, not all of them. For some people the cultural or faith beliefs and expectations that they hold may make it hard for them to accept your willingness to be a pregnant bride.


Don’t act ashamed just because the externally-induced emotions pushes you to feel that way. Be proud of the decisions you make in life and don’t let other people have an influence on them.


Talk to your officiant in case you’re planning a church wedding.


married while being pregnant


Some churches do not allow weddings if the bride is pregnant. Some other churches do. Don’t be afraid to ask around and explore your alternatives, get information about the requirements and don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.


You should maybe expect a few challenges with the dress, but again, you shouldn’t settle. Find a good dressmaker, tell her the date of the wedding and how far pregnant you’ll be on that date. Your dress will probably need to be alterable as you can’t predict exactly your growth rate. Also, you should think about a dress, whose style will draw the attention away from your belly zone and place the accent on your bust and shoulders instead.


Forget the fancy high heels and choose comfortable flats instead. This will help you stand for a good period of time without feeling more tired that your pregnancy is already managing to do to you.


married while being pregnant


Finally, plan a honeymoon that is both realistic and enjoyable. If you have to fly, make sure your pregnancy status allows to do that in a safe way. In fact, some travel companies do not allow women to fly after a certain period into the pregnancy.


Try to do everything possible to ease the fatigue, drink plenty of water, sit down more often and don’t forget to enjoy your wedding as much as you can.


Get Weddy to help take the weight of planning off your shoulders.

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