How to get married on the Internet

The truth about cyber marriage

Cyber Internet Marriages are becoming quite common nowadays. Sometimes people decide that they want to get hitched not only on the paper, but also in cyberspace. This type of marriage, of course, if not legally binding. However, it’s quite popular and it only requires 10 minutes. First of all,  the ceremony could take place on the internet, but the legal aspects of it must be fulfilled in a real location.


getting married online


The process is quite simple. There are chat room chapels where you and your partner can log in and have an online minister conduct a wedding. You can also invite guests and vows can be typed and showed on the screen for everyone to see. Most people prefer in person-weddings, that is, the traditional way to get married. One of the most obvious reasons for a cyber marriage to take place is when two partners are separated by distance. However, if you’ve never met your partner in person, you might want to think about the meaning of marriage, before you get involved with a stranger.


Getting married online


Although this is a great solution for couples who are in a long-distance relationship, online marriages still require a third person in order to be legally binding.


Getting married online


The main issue is that the Internet is not a location. It could be anywhere. You and your partner could be in different countries and still feel as close as you’ve ever been. However, when it comes to jurisdiction, that simply doesn’t work, since a marriage license must be filed in a particular state. With so many people online dating these days, it is not surprising that there are always more people willing to get married online.


Getting married online


I suggest that you and your partner decide whether you are doing this just for fun or if you give a real meaning to it. It’s worth remembering that it isn’t a legal marriage and that you’ll need to follow the legal requirements of the region where you’re physically located.


Getting married online


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