Getting married in China

Different culture means different wedding traditions.

We are too used to attending Western European wedding ceremonies that we tend to forget about how different weddings in other cultures can be.  Chinese marriage, for example, differs a lot from European marriage. First of all, a big difference for many foreigners that visit China for the first time and happen to attend a Chinese wedding, is that marriage in China is seen as a joining of families. It is worth noting that most children are from one child families, so parents are particularly interested in who their child marries.


Wedding  China Traditions


Also, while in European cultures, there are usually three components to a wedding (the legal ceremony, a religious ceremony and a reception or party), in China the legal component can only be completed by the officials in the offices of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Of course, if a couple wants a religious ceremony, they can have it, given that China has full religious tolerance. As far as the third element is concerned, the “party” is what is also known as “reception” and is something that Chinese people identify as “banquet”. Friends and relatives are usually invited to the wedding reception just like it happens in European countries. Some receptions will be held in the street, but most of them will be in restaurants or venues.


Wedding  China Traditions


However, you may need to know a few key things about chinese wedding traditions and customs.If you attend a chinese wedding, do not ever take off your shoes until the ceremony is over.


The bride and groom will first enter the groom’s family home under the pants of the groom’s unmarried elder brother.Parents are served tea before grandparents during the ceremony.The bride must change clothes before her home visit. A whole roast pig with it's tail is given to the bride’s family to declare that she was a virgin before marriage.


Don’t look too confused and don’t ask too many questions either. Just enjoy the ceremony and … you might learn a few things about chinese marriage.


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