Getting a Gourmet Wedding Menu On a Budget

These tips will prove you don’t need to have the bank balance of the Queen to enjoy a meal worthy of royalty.

Firstly, a sit down dinner may not be as expensive as you think. Of course depending on how many people are on your guest list you’ll have to pay accordingly. Think about whether or not you need all three or more courses on your wedding menu; other options include a dessert station or canapés for starters.


If you want something less formal, a buffet or food station is just as good. Guests can have as much as they want and you won’t have to pay for extra hidden costs.


wedding menu


Serving an informal family-style dinner where waiters bring large plates of food around the tables and guests help themselves. The catering team wouldn’t then need to prepare as much or hire as many staff saving you a bundle in catering fees.


Inexpensive entrees on the wedding menu include chicken, turkey, pork and pasta as well as vegetarian options usually limited to one. Adding a gourmet sauce to any of these options will compliment your dish beautifully.


wedding menu


A cocktail party reception will also help you cut costs, but make sure you let your guests know in your invites that this is what will be happening rather than a large dinner. Worded something like: ‘please join us after the ceremony for cocktails, canapés and partying’ will ensure they get the message.


Again, serving your guests appetisers (And lots of them!) will compliment any drinks you serve in place of a dinner. Think heavy filling canapés as they’ll need something sustainable as they drink throughout the night. Steak kebabs and prawn cocktails are a great way to keep your guests fuller for longer.


wedding menu


In extreme cases, consider cutting down your wedding guest list to fewer people. If there are any people who aren’t essential to your celebrations, as harsh as it sounds, it may save you a lot of money to let them go.


Get Weddy to have your menu sorted ASAP.

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