Get The Vintage Wedding Vibe With Your Accessories

If you dream of a vintage wedding, you know nothing completes the look quite like the right jewellery

Vintage seems to have turned into a 21st century buzzword, with almost anything that looks slightly aged being deemed “Vintage”. When it comes to style, “vintage” usually refers to the Victorian and Edwardian eras of the 19th and early 20th centuries, right up until around the 1920s and 30s, (anything later than that and we begin to slip into “retro” territory).


vintage weddings


It’s no wonder that the styles of the time are still emulated today as this was when fashion really took off. The Victorian era was particularly opulent and theatrical and this dramatic style continued on, becoming inspired by the feminine curves of the Art Nouveau style, and later on juxtaposed itself by adhering to the sharp angles of Art Deco.


vintage weddings


This is why the vintage wedding look appeals to so many. It is a broad style and so it can often feel like quite an overwhelming one to pull off. If you’re struggling with ideas on where to start buying your vintage accessories then check out a number of vintage shops before deciding. While Vintage may be inspired by a bygone era you needn’t have to buy old in order for it to look “vintage.” With “Vintage” being so current a trend, you will find plenty of new accessories inspired by the style.


vintage weddings


On the other hand, if you would like your accessories to be truly vintage and to have been pre-loved by another bride, this is also possible. There are a wide range of stores and online shops that cater specifically for those looking for original vintage jewellery such as Magpie Vintage and Bejewelled Vintage.


vintage weddings


If budget isn’t an issue for you (you lucky devil!) then why not consider getting your very own bespoke piece of vintage jewellery made for your wedding day. Many high end jewellers are able to provide a bespoke service and will be able to help you design your very own vintage inspired piece.


For more inspiring pieces of bridal jewellery, check out some of our fantastic  suppliers and their creations!

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