Fun things to do on your wedding night

The wedding’s over, the guests are gone, now the real fun can begin…

The evening is winding down, guests are leaving, and all you want to do is spend some alone time together; of course it’s your first night together as a married couple and you want it to be special without expecting too much. Believe it or not, the secret to a perfect wedding night is the little things you do to make it special before, during and after including music, food and yes, lingerie.


Flirty fun


The lead up to the wedding night can be the most fun if you do it right; there are a bunch of lovingly sweet things the two of you can do to get each other in the mood. Touching, gentle kisses every now and then can really go a long way!



Wedding night



Talk, Talk, Talk


As strange as it sounds, taking a moment to relax and catch up with how the two of you are doing. Talking can create a sweet connection between newlyweds; tell her she looked beautiful today, tell him he looked hot in his tux; compliments are never a bad thing. Whether you’re whispering romantic things into your loved one’s ear or getting a little dirty, there won’t be a wasted breath here when you tell your partner how much you love them.



wedding night



Be traditional


One of the oldest wedding traditions include carrying the bride across the threshold as you prepare for your wedding night. While this may have been embedded in superstitious beliefs, but it’s still a sexy, romantic and fun thing to do.



Wedding night



Set the mood


Smells and scents are said to increase the mood and passion in the bedroom so get sprinkling that lavender and jasmine!


Music is also a great mood setter like scents, arouses the senses; stick on a CD of all your favourite songs that put you and your spouse in the right frame of mind.



wedding night


Look Sexy, Feel Sexy


Of course we can’t forget lingerie! Not only does a silky piece of negligee and fabulous underwear look great and sets hearts racing, it also makes a girl feel great too, and when you feel great the possibilities are endless.



The same goes for the gentlemen too! A great pair of good quality, good looking underwear you wouldn’t normally wear or spend a lot of money on like boxers (or briefs, they’re good too we don’t judge!) can set pulses racing and make a lot of difference.



Wedding night



Make a movie


It doesn’t have to be a-la Kim Kardashian, but rather a sweet video of you listing things you love about your spouse. Whatever you feel most creative about, a video can ban extra gift to give to your loved one on your wedding night will be an added bonus.



Wedding night



Indulge in the bathtub


There’s no doubt that your wedding night is going to be a special night wherever you spend it, no matter what you do, whether that’s spending the whole night talking or relaxing; and nothing says relaxing more than a soak in the tub which is also a good way to get romantic. Add some petals, scents and oils and a candle or two and you’re good to go!



Wedding night


Playing with food


We all know how sensual chocolate can be. Not only does it taste great but also puts you in the mood. Food in general is a great way to connect with another; why not play a guessing game in which you feed each other while blindfolded; whoever gets their guess wrong has to perform a forfeit of the other’s choosing!

There are also a bunch of love play kits you can purchase that also include flavoured massage oils and edible body sprinkles. The sky is truly the limit when it’s your wedding night!



Wedding night



Get sentimental


As well as talking about how wonderful the two of you looked on your wedding day, why not get sentimental with personal vows you could write for each other. Be loving and take turns picking your favourite things to do together. It’s the little things that count after all!



wedding night



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