6 Frequently Asked Bridal Questions Answered

6 Frequently Asked Bridal Questions Answered

Make-Up artist Evie Smith gives us the answers her brides have been looking for

Being a bridal make-up artist means not only knowing everything there is to know about make-up artistry, but also about all aspects of the wedding day, from what colour flowers to choose, right down to what colour your bridal underwear should be (ooer!).


To help you whittle down your options, I am giving my suggestions and answering some questions posted by my recent brides.


1. When is the best time to have my make-up trial?

Most professionals will agree that around 4-8 weeks before your wedding is a good amount of time. Any less than 4 weeks and you aren’t leaving yourself time to make adjustments if they are needed, any more then there may be variations in your skin tone or colour, or even with your opinion of what you’d like. Think about the change in seasons and how it affects your skin!


2.  Should I have my hair done before my makeup on the day?

It is preferable to have your make-up done last on the day, this way it will be the freshest it can possibly be, however some hairstylists and make-up artist work differently so don’t be afraid to say what you’d prefer.

3.  What wedding themes are popular this year?

Last year was full of vintage themed weddings and outdoor rustic, festival styles. The make-up ranged from 1950’s vintage to classic and fresh. This year it’s all about the flowers.  We are seeing a lot of hyacinths and orchids in beautiful creamy pastel colours. Bridesmaid dresses should reflect these tones and so should the make-up.


4. What colour should my bridal underwear be?

This is one of the questions that I actually get asked quite a bit. Of course it is totally up to you (and your partner) what you’d prefer to wear, but most brides go for underwear that is seamless and cream in colour so that it is 100% invisible to anyone.


5. Should I change after the wedding?

This is entirely up to you and how comfortable you are in your dress! Some brides opt to take a pair of flat shoes, some decide to change in to a totally new dress and some love their gown so much that they wouldn’t want to take it off. (Personally, I’d want to stay in the dress all day!).


6.  What is a mini-moon?

This is a fairly new term that has been cropping up over the past year or so. As we all know, weddings are expensive and sometimes there can be little or no money in the pot. Some couples are now having a mini moon directly after their wedding for a few days to a UK or European destination and having a longer honeymoon a little later on in the year when theres a bit more cash floating around. Others are getting married in the winter and want to go away to a warmer climate a little later on in the year when there is a guarantee of sunshine.


For more from Evie, follow her over on Twitter, or check out her incredible  website.

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