4 Fantastic Wedding Decor Ideas

Looking for wedding ceremony decor ideas with the wow factor? Look no further…

Adding some personal touches to your wedding day with some beautiful wedding decor is something no one else can replicate. Many couples are now choosing to decorate their ceremony venues in fun yet poignant ways that represent their relationship.


Wherever you choose to get married, get inspired with these show-stopping wedding ceremony décor ideas guaranteed to add some charm to your big day.


1) Romantically Rustic


Working well with an outdoor ceremony, rustic is the new chic. White roses, white silk, rose petals down the aisle and festoon lighting all add a touch of glamour to the rustic theme. Soft colours such as pink, light blue and of course white are a great way to add a romantic element to your rustic ceremony. Don’t forget, wood, wood and more wood!


wedding decor


2) Mother Nature


Add a few elements of nature to bring a touch of the outdoors to your ceremony. Dogwood branches down the aisle with beautiful flowers at the base will add some childhood enchantment to your ceremony.


Create your aisle out of flower petals and orchids to adorn your surroundings. Add some draping fabric for a brilliant pop of colour.


wedding decor


3) An Encircled Ceremony


Of all the wedding ceremony décor ideas, this is one of the most unique. Again, perfect for an outdoor wedding on a beach or a garden. Your guests will be able to see you sharing your vows from every angle without complaints of an iPad in the way! Decorate with more flowers especially pink and coral for a beach wedding and you’re good to go!


wedding decor


4) Arches and Canopies


A painted metal frame swathed in coloured silk and covered with hydrangeas, roses and orchids, will make a great setting for you to say your vows.


Take cover with your loved one underneath a beautifully decorated canopy. Flowers and strings of pearls will add a gorgeous vintage element to your ceremony.


wedding decor


Get Weddy for us to help source all of your decor needs.

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