4 Foodie Trends for 2015 Weddings

4 Foodie Trends for 2015 Weddings

The best wedding food trends of the year ahead

Once the vows are over and everyone’s had a good look at the dress your guests will turn their attention to one thing: the food. Impress your guests with a delicious spread and it will go down in wedding history as a success, disappoint with a bowl of cocktail sausages and a few listless cheese sandwiches and your guests will be heading for the door before the first clink of the toast. Anyone can hire a caterer to mass produce vol au vents and chicken breasts; if you really want to impress your guests then why not jump on one of the hottest food trends of 2015.


1. Bacon, Bacon, and Bacon


Food Trends


It’s no longer just for breakfast, 2015 is the year of bacon! Bacon has graduated from greasy spoons to the hippest eateries in Britain and throwing crisp, delicious bacon into everything from jams to doughnuts is the haute cuisine of the future, it’s even made it into ice-cream. Ditch the dried out chicken breast and make bacon the star of the show.

2. Signature Cocktails


Food Trends


A glass of vino is all well and good but a signature cocktail gives the boozy wedding party a more personal touch. If you have a favourite cocktail you want to share with your guests then go for it, but if you want to get creative you can hire a mixologist to design something specifically for you and your partner so your guests can get sloshed on lashings of Mr & Mrs (insert name here).

3. Go Local or Go Home


Food Trends


Farmers markets have never been more popular as embracing local produce is fast becoming the norm for much of Great Britain, and that goes for wedding catering too. We’re all thinking greener when it comes to how we live our lives, and many of us want to make sure our weddings are as kind to the environment as possible – by utilising local produce you can ensure your food is seasonal and delicious and you get to support local industries all in one go.

4. DIY


Food Trends


One step further than self-service, DIY wedding meals are made up of a series of stations where your guests can make their own sundaes, cocktails, decorate cakes, assemble their own salad and anything else you can think of, so ‘not enough choice’ is never a problem.

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