Flashmob Marriage Proposals

Flashmob Marriage Proposals

An original idea to make your marriage proposal even more romantic

In case you’re struggling to find an original way to propose to your future wife (or to your future husband for that matter…), a flashmob wedding proposal can be perfect for you. A lot of modern couples refuse to submit to plain,  boring or simply conventional ways to get married and prefer unconventional options to declare their love for each other.



What better way to surprise your soon-to-be-fiance than with a stunning flashmob marriage proposal? All you need is a song you and your partner like, a good choreographer to tailor dance steps to the music you’ve chosen, a magical location and a bunch of people that can dance.


A flashmob marriage proposal can be really fun,  especially if your partner doesn’t expect it at all. And it’s very unlikely that they will. Not only dancing on the streets will amaze your fiancé, but it will also melt the hearts of all the people that happen to be there in that very moment.



To make it happen, you don’t need professional dancers. You only need a creative mind, a basic knowledge of dance moves and people who are willing to pick them up quickly. Finding the perfect venue will probably be the most difficult part of the entire process.



To keep it simple, you could even get information on the venues where flashmobs have taken place in the past and try and book one as soon as possible, ideally a couple of months in advance.



Alternatively, you could even join a flashmob dance routine and take the surprise element of a wedding proposal to a whole new level by popping the pretty question at the end of the performance. Either way, you will need to set up a Facebook group to recruit dancers and you will need to swear your friends to secrecy.



Being part of a flashmob is already a thrilling experience, where a lot of people are united together and share the same goal. A flashmob marriage proposal can take this wonderful experience to a whole different level and will make the entire performance even more emotional.



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