5 Do's and Dont's for fun on your First night

5 Do's and Dont's for fun on your First night

The do’s and don’t’s for your first night as man and wife

So it’s your first night as husband and wife and while the vast majority of women are likely to know more about their partner’s favourite positions then the town he grew up in we all still want that first night to be magical, raunchy, the stuff of dreams and not just the obligatory two minutes of missionary. But when you’ve seen and done it all before how do you make your wedding night special and what are the evenings do’s and don’ts?


We’ve compiled a little guide to ensure your initial “Yes!” to the question of marriage sees you all the way through to your wedding night.


Dress up for him:

Yes we know it’s been a long day, you’ve interacted with more family and friends than you even knew you had, danced all night and eaten a little too much of that wedding cake. But kicking your feet up, popping on the telly and spooning until you fall asleep is not an option – not on your wedding night.  As many believe the wedding night sets a president for the rest of you married life it’s important to do it right and make an effort – you spent a fortune on those bridal garments for a reason.


Leave out the missionary:

Unless you’re a virgin there is really no reason for the missionary position to make an appearance on your wedding night. You’ll have plenty of years to get the whole “him on top, you on top” thing down, so give it a miss. The wedding night is a time for exploration on both sides to find out what he really likes and spend some time telling and exploring some of your own fantasies. This is certainly a night to remember so make it just that with a healthy dose of positions, bedroom talk and romance.


Hold out:

With all the planning stress that comes with weddings this one may be a little easier than you think. Many couples opt to stop having sex in the weeks leading up to their wedding in order to make the coming together on their wedding night that little bit more special. Just to clarify, closing the shop a few weeks before the wedding doesn’t mean you’re a virgin anywhere but in the marriage, although isn’t that where it counts? A few weeks of built up tension and pre-wedding anxiety is certain to make your first night one for the books.


Set the scene:

In Chinese tradition candles designed with a phoenix and a dragon are lit on wedding nights to drive evil spirits away – on your special evening that could just be an interfering mother in law. Nevertheless candles and ambient décor are necessary. Whether you have to send your bridesmaids up to the hotel room earlier in the day or call ahead at the hotel and hope the person on the other end of the phone knows the difference between tasteful and tacky - get it done!


Cherish it:

With all this practicality we just had to get soppy on you but in this case it’s a must. Your wedding night is not only your first as man and wife it’s also the beginning of an entirely new life together so even if he does fall asleep while you’re in the bathroom forcing yourself into a ridiculously tiny corset cherish him, he’s yours forever.

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