How to find your perfect wedding dress

How to find your perfect wedding dress

Sassi Holford helps brides find the perfect fit

When it comes to wedding dress designer Sassi Holford she has really been there and done that. From classic cuts to outlandish designs, Holford truly understand the importance of making a wedding dress to remember. However, there’s more to finding the perfect dress than simply picking the most spectacular on the rack. A woman has to make many considerations including cut, shape, size, fit and even colour. This is no easy task as most of us aren’t entirely sure of what really looks good….that’s where Sassi Holford comes in. This designer does more than create wedding dresses, she takes into account women’s body shapes, personalities and styles, using them as sources of inspiration. Here she gives her advice on how you can find your perfect fit to ensure you’re a vision on your wedding day:


“Before choosing your style of wedding gown, it’s important to know what suits you. Initially I work with the bride to find the silhouette that makes her look and feel fabulous and gives her the confidence she should have on her wedding day. We then move on to choose the fabrics and embellishments that best reflect her personality - this is the really fun part and it is very satisfying when a look comes together which is completely personal to that bride. And the most important piece of advice I can give any bride is to enjoy every moment of finding 'The Dress' - it's a once in a lifetime experience, so make it memorable. So, three steps to find your perfect wedding gown, firstly, find the shape that enhances your silhouette; secondly, focus on the detail that reflects your personality; and finally, smile - because nothing looks better than a happy bride!"


Please click here to access the Sassi Holford 2015 Signature Collection, which is currently available across the UK and USA.

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