Father of the Bride: The speeches, The suits and The ceremony

Father of the Bride: The speeches, The suits and The ceremony

Who would have thought that the father of the bride had so much to do?

Unlike George Banks in the 1991 film, the father of the bride may actually be thrilled to be celebrating and co-hosting his daughter’s big day—that is, after all the bills have been paid! But aside from swiping a credit card, the duties that he undertakes are not only essential for the ceremony and reception, but also add special personal touches that simply cannot be replicated.




The father and mother of the bride usually co-host the wedding and will expectedly be involved in many different aspects of the planning process. On the day of the wedding, he will usually accompany the bride in the car walking her down the aisle after which he will retire to be seated by the mother of the bride’s side.


Father of the bride


Depending upon the type of ceremony chosen he may have a role to play such as placing the bride’s hand in that of the officiant’s when asked ‘who is giving this woman to this man?’


If hosting the reception, the father of the bride will greet guests and thank them for coming when they leave. He is usually the first to deliver his speech so be prepared for embarrassing childhood stories that will leave you cringing in your seat!

Taking on the ‘father’ role


Surprisingly, with the arrival of the wedding, his role as father doesn’t end! Although traditionally, the father of the bride pays for the dress, at times the wedding and anything else the happy couple may need help with, there are still times when he will need to maintain his role as the father and keep the peace between all parties involved at the wedding. Emotions can run high and there may be misunderstandings so being the mediator can really help things to fall into place and run smoothly.


Father of the Bride

The suit


Whatever the groom and groomsmen are wearing, he will be too, so if they’re in tuxes chances are so will he! It’s advised to that he should be fitted three months before and to think about everything he may need beforehand i.e. shoes, suspenders etc.

Of course if the wedding is not as formal, his best suit could be just as good and certainly some style tips from the bride and groom would be greatly beneficial!


Father of the Bride

Having fun on the big day!


Of course if you’re the father of the bride you mustn’t forget to have fun! As the father, a little embarrassment is to be expected, but don’t forget that you still have to speak to guests and show your gratitude as well as enjoying the day and celebrating the moment for both your daughter and the rest of your family!


Father of the bride

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