Essential Questions to Ask Suppliers Before Your Wedding Day

Get the most out of your suppliers with these essential questions to ask Suppliers before your Wedding Day.

The Venue

Will you be available on my wedding day date?

Will there be other weddings on that day?

Are there different rates for different days and times?

Is a deposit required?

Are there any hidden charges? (Service charges, overtime, cleaning fees)

What is your policy on cancellations?

Do you have guest accommodation?

Do you have suppliers we must use?


wedding venue


The Bridal Boutique

When do I need to start looking for my dress and do I need to make appointments?

What should I bring with me when I arrive at the appointment?

Will I need to bring along with me?

How far in advance will I need to order my dress?

Do I need to wear particularly underwear or body shapers when trying on the dress?

Are there any other additional costs e.g. adjustment fees?

When can I collect my dress?

How should I care for my dress before the wedding day?


bridal boutique suppliers


The Caterers

Will you be catering other weddings on the day?

Can we customise our wedding day menu or is it set?

Do you provide silverware, glassware, crockery or linen and is this included in the cost?

Do you have separate menus for children/special dietary requirements/photographers and other suppliers?

Can we have a menu tasting?

Are there any additional costs for service staff?

Is there a corkage fee?


wedding caterer


The Florist

Is my wedding date available?

What is the notice period I need to take into consideration?

What flowers are in season?

Do you provide vases etc. or will we have to provide our own?

Can you work with my budget and do you require a minimum floral budget?

Can we have a look at your portfolio?

Do you have a delivery fee?

Will you set up the flowers yourself? And if so, how long will you need?

What is your policy on breakages?


wedding florist


The Photographer

Is my wedding date available?

Can we have a look at your portfolio?

How many other weddings will you be shooting on that day?

What style of photography will you shoot in and can you do so in a variety of styles?

Do you charge a travel fee?

Who holds image copyright?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Do you offer written contracts?

How long will you stay at the wedding?

When can I expect my photos?


wedding florist


The Entertainment

What types of music do you play and can you play requests?

How much space will you need on the wedding day?

What other pieces will you need to help with equipment e.g. power supply?

Do you have demos we can listen to or videos we can watch?

Do you offer other services such as lighting or video screens?

Are there any additional costs e.g. travel or food?


wedding entertainment


The Wedding Cake Maker

What size cake do we need?

Can we have a variety of flavours?

Can we try some samples?

Do you cater for food allergies?

Will you provide a stand?

When will it be delivered and are there additional costs for this?

How do we store the cake and how long will it last?


wedding cake maker


Quick tip: You can’t go wrong if you remember!

Ask if there are any additional costs and also to get a written contract where applicable.


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