5 Essential Decor for Winter Weddings

5 Essential Decor for Winter Weddings

5 essential touches for winter weddings

Winter weddings are some of the most magical around. And, when it comes to the décor for such a festive occasion, there are absolutely no limits. However, there are some essential elements you’ll want to include should a winter wedding be for you.


A Festive Feel:



If you are getting married in the festive season, it is essential to include décor with a holiday vibe. This could be with pine cones, little trees or reefs.


A weather appropriate bouquet:



There are some flowers for summer and others for spring but when you’re having a winter wedding the quirky choices are endless. Get creative and use in season flowers for the perfect arrangement.


A Seasonal Lighting Concept:



During the winter months, lighting is often an issue, which is why a winter wedding is the perfect time to turn the winter gloom into a lighting spectacular. Not only are candles cheap but they are very effective décor.


Creative Cakes:



With a winter wedding the cake is really the perfect viewing point for such a sensational theme. This can really be whatever you choose but be sure you’re original.


A Winter Wonderland:



A Winter Wonderland feel to weddings that take place in the colder months is always the perfect touch. With this you can create your own wedding world with all the seasonal elements you love the most.

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