3 Reasons Not to Get an engagement Ring

3 Reasons Not to Get an engagement Ring

For many, no engagement is complete without a sparkly engagement ring to top it all, but for some, this is the last thing they could want…

Engagement rings are commonly thought to be the icing on the cake when it comes to a couple’s engagement with many not believing the engagement is complete without it. Recently though, many brides and grooms alike are modernising their engagements; going for alternatives or ditching them altogether.



It seems that the days of assessing ring size (through questionable in the celebrity world) or wanting a diamond that can be seen from space exist no longer these days.

Whilst engagements rings can symbolise the individual’s own tastes, there a number of reasons why some are choosing to opt out.

The environmental and ethical reasons

Many who choose not to wear or buy engagement rings do so because of the environmental and ethical reasons attached to diamond sourcing.

We are all familiar with the term ‘blood diamond’ as well as the use of child labour in poor working conditions and for many, the idea of wearing a ring from such conditions is too horrible.




Thankfully, there is a low risk of encountering illegally sourced diamonds in developing countries thanks to UN regulations. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme outlines the humane ways in which diamonds must be sourced before they can be sold; if a jeweller cannot provide this certificate then you should be cautious.


There are also a number of places you can shop for conflict-free environmentally friendly jewellery if you wish to— Canada is in fact known for its ethical diamond sourcing.


Of course, vintage jewellery is also a great idea and a great way to share a special moment with a family heirloom. Other gems that carry fewer issues include, onyx, aquamarine, moonstone and morganite.

The high cost 

Everyone knows a diamond is worth A LOT of money, but there are a great deal of scammers that can take advantage of aspiring newlyweds. Many will try to talk you into buying a diamond that may not be worth the asking price, so again, it’s worth checking and double checking to ensure that you are buying from a credible dealer.



You don’t wear flashy jewellery

Of course the easiest explanation is that you’re not simply someone who wears extravagant jewellery. (So an engagement ring with a giant rock on, is hardly any different!) Many are choosing to do just as sentimental things to commemorate their engagement such as tattoos or a simple piece of metal shaped like an infinity symbol.




There are a number of creative ways to show your commitment that don’t involve spending a lot of money.

Whatever your decisions, remembering that marriage is about happiness, dedication and above all, lasting love is the biggest commitment anyone can show.

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