9 Embarrassing Bridal Questions That Need Answers

With all the internet research that modern brides do in the run up to their weddings, there are a surprising amount of embarrassing questions that just don’t seem to get answered.

Well head-scratch no more ladies, for we have compiled a list of the most asked “embarrassing” bridal questions and have attempted to answer them for you. We’re good like that.


1) Do I have to have my father walk me down the aisle?


The easy answer for this one is no. Though we’re not the ones that are going to have to break the bad news to him. Unfortunately life isn’t as simple as we’d like and feelings may get hurt - especially if your father is a big part of your life.


If it’s a case of feeling guilty over having your mum sat down while your father takes an active role; why not have both parents walk you down the aisle? They both made you after all. Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with having one of your older children give you away - if that’s the situation you find yourself in.


Whatever you decide, it’s your day but do try to be tactful and mindful of your father’s feelings.


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2) How do I let someone know they’re not a bridesmaid?


Oh dear, this is another tough one. We’ve all been there growing up; promising our best friend of the time that when the day came they’d be bridesmaid. The thing is; life doesn’t always work out like we planned.


You can’t have every girl you’ve ever been friends with as a bridesmaid, it’s unrealistic. Reassure any friends that didn’t quite make the cut that they will still be invited on the hen and remember to let them down as gently as possible. If you have to cite the unarguable problem of the restricted budget, and lets face it any friend worth their salt will understand that you have to prioritise - especially if you’ve female family members who would usually be first choice.


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3) What kind of kiss is appropriate at the end of the ceremony?


Any kiss you like! Though I would suggest that you save the full-on make-out session until later on to save Granny some embarrassment. A peck, open-mouthed, even a bit of tongue: it’s all good. It’s your first kiss as husband and wife after all, you should make it a good one. Though, if you’re really struggling with it, check out The Wedding Singer for some inspiration. Awww!


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4) Do I have to have a wedding cake?


As much as it pains me to say this; as I am a firm believer in cake, no you do not. It may be that you have a food intolerance or, heaven forbid, you just don’t like cake. Whatever the reason you simply don’t have to have one. Keep in mind that it is expected that you will have other desserts on offer. A dessert table instead of a cake is always a winner as your guests can help themselves to what they like.


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5) How do I stop my parents from inviting certain people?


The bride and groom will always argue with their parents when it comes to the guest list. Parents will want to invite relatives or friends that you might not have seen since you were small, and of course you would prefer to invite some of your own friends.


The best thing to do is to set a limit on the number of people your parents can invite; when they reach their limit you are free to scratch anybody you like from their “maybe” pile. This is by no means a perfect solution as those questionable guests could still work their way in, but hopefully they will have enough “valued” guests to fill their allocated invites.


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6) When can I take off my veil?


As your veil is an optional extra you may feel like you have to wear it all day to get your monies worth. Trust me; you don’t. It’s going to slip, get blown in your face and get caught on things. When it starts to annoy you simply take it off and have one of your bridesmaids stow it somewhere safe. You’ll have had most of your photos taken by this point so you’ll have made the most of it, don’t worry.


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7) Do we really have to have a first dance?


If you’re the shy and retiring type then the idea of being in the spotlight is going to be terrifying. If this is true for you then of course you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If, on the other hand, you would like to keep the tradition but can’t stand the thought of everyone watching you then why not invite everyone up to join you? The more the merrier after all.


Some of you will love to be center of attention, if you do then why not choreograph a fun dance with your groom to entertain your guests. It will have them talking for year to come!


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8) How do I pee while wearing my wedding dress?


While wedding dresses are gorgeous they can be somewhat impractical, and with all that champagne drinking you’ll be doing you are inevitably going to need to use the little girls’ room. The question is; how?


Would you believe there is a trick to this? There is. Honest. You are probably still going to need a friend to help though. ready for this?


Sit facing the back of the toilet. That’s right; you’re going to have to straddle the porcelain to protect your dress. To be honest, it’s probably easier to pee facing backwards as you wont need to make contact with your long-suffering bridesmaid. Poor girl -  make sure she knows what she’s signing up for.


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9) Is it ok to not have sex on your wedding night?


It sure is. Weddings are notoriously tiring; you’re on your feet all day, flittering about socialising with everyone; you’ve been up since stupid O’clock sipping champagne and you’ve eaten a massive dinner. It’s no wonder that by the time you can finally go to bed all you want to do is pass out.


It may not seem like the most romantic way to spend your first night together, but trust me when I say you are not the only ones. Turns out only a third of married couples actually manage to consummate their marriage on the wedding night. Why worry about it? You can have a lovely long lie in the morning after… if you catch my drift.


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