DIY Wedding Ideas

5 Things to Consider Before Delving into planning your wedding DIY style.

All of the little added extras that are part and parcel of planning a wedding can add up, and if you aren’t budget savvy then your bank account is likely to take a battering. Many brides swear by DIY wedding ideas in order to keep costs down, but before you break out the spray paint and glitter glue here are 5 things that you might like to consider first:


1. Finding the Time

You have to call the caterer, the photographer needs to be confirmed and you have a dress fitting with 5 bridesmaids in half an hour - do you really have time to make 100 wedding favours? In theory it should be easy but in reality it’s going to take you hours. If you have some good friends or family to delegate the task to then by all means start your own production line, if not you are going to be putting unnecessary stress on yourself.


2. Natural Talent

Some people have a natural artistic flair, others… not so much. If you fall into the second camp then maybe DIY projects aren’t for you. If it’s a team effort and you aren’t too confident with your skills with a glue gun then perhaps it’s a good idea that you stick to refreshment duty - time flies when you’re drinking bubbly.


3. Is DIY a Look You Like?

No matter how talented you are, you can almost always spot a DIY project a mile off. This handmade look fits in nicely with vintage and rustic weddings but looks out of place at a traditional, elegant do. So if your slightly askew bunting doesn’t fit in with your overall theme then you might like to call in the professionals.


DIY wedding ideas


4. How Far will You go with it?

Just because you’ve chosen to DIY your wedding doesn’t mean that you need to do it all yourself, (though if that’s what you want, go right ahead). You can buy printed stationary from the professionals and glitz it up yourself at home, this way you’ll save on the cos of embellishments but still retain that polished look.


5. Will it Save You Money?
Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of arts and crafts, but all of those bows, cards and embellishments can add up. Calculate the cost of materials before you go mad in your local art shop, otherwise you could end up spending more than you would have done had you bought them pre-made.

If doing DIY sounds like you type of style, check out 6 DIY wedding favour ideas for some ideas on how to get create for your guests.

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