Death of the Surprise Proposal

With everyone more budget conscious these days, are we witnessing the end of days for the surprise proposal?

There is not a more romantic scene than seeing a man get down on one knee, open up a tiny box, ask THE question 'will you marry me?' and then wait for his partner's response- which is normally complete shock, followed by squealing & tears of joy and hopefully the word 'yes'.


However, a recent survey has revealed some potentially bad news, especially for people who are fans of amazing moments of love. The survey suggests that couples are making joint decisions over engagement rings, before the question has even been popped. Meaning that we could be seeing the last dying embers of the surprise proposals!

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Have you been in a loving and affectionate relationship with the person of your dreams for quite some time now?

Are you beginning to think that a marriage proposal is round the corner?

Maybe you've even discussed the idea of marriage with your partner or perhaps been window shopping for rings?


Not that long ago, the thought of selecting her own ring isn't likely to have entered any woman's mind, until the very moment their boyfriend got down on one knee and placed the ring on her finger.


In the modern-day more and more couples are making a joint decision about when to get engaged. Men are telling close friends that they are planning on proposing, women are dropping strong indicators that the time is right, and couples are openly discussing the ring they want to buy to symbolise their engagement.


A recent survey* carried out amongst the UK's women by the engagement ring & jewellery experts, DeJoria, has revealed that couples making a joint decision is now the most popular way to select an engagement ring.


The purpose of the online investigation was to find out how much involvement women in relationships want to have in the choice of engagement ring, when he asks the question. The overall top answer from the findings was clear, as 30% of respondents said 'I'd make a joint decision with my partner'.

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21% of ladies revealed they'd leave the choice 100% up to their partner.

19% stating they'd choose the exact ring they would like.

15% said they would inform their partner of their preferences.

14% of respondents suggested they would drop delicate hints.

And rather surprisingly 1% of women said they wouldn't want a ring, or would choose to have a wedding ring only.


Managing Director of the Birmingham based DeJoria, Richard Preece, wasn't completely surprised by the findings, saying:


"It's a shame that we are seeing a loss in the spontaneity of the gesture, though the statistics come as little surprise, as we have seen a shift over the last 10 years in the way couples remain unmarried for much longer, which in turn influences how they embrace the sentiment of engagement and marriage."


The survey also revealed some interesting engagement ring selection methods, that varied on geographical locations:


In London and the Midlands the most popular answer followed suit; making a joint decision with their partner received 29% and 51% respectively, of the vote.


But if you live in the North-East and are planning to surprise your lady with a proposal, you should be wary, as the findings revealed that more than one in three women in the region would prefer to choose the exact ring they desired.


About DeJoria:


DeJoria Diamonds is based near Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter. The company was created in 2003, and specialise in conflict-free diamond engagement rings and stunning diamond jewellery. Their range of beautiful diamond jewellery is handmade in the UK and wherever possible, they use recycled precious metals.


*Survey carried out using Google consumer surveys in March 2015 with 400 participants (women from the UK aged 18+)


Don’t forget to like DeJoria on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @DeJoriaDiamonds


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