Cost vs reward: 5 reasons why you should get a wedding video

A photographer is seen as a no-brainer for your wedding day but a videographer is often not such a clear cut decision. If you’re not sure what to do here’s a look at that all important question: “Should I have a wedding videographer?”

When we started planning and budgeting our wedding we decided on a few things that weren’t priorities for us that we would do without or simply do ourselves. Those thing were a wedding car,  a cake, centrepieces and a wedding videographer. Read all about those early planning days here.



A few weeks ago, I met an amazing wedding car supplier so I did a big U-turn on the car decision and booked it! And here’s why.


So the budget took a bit of a battering and continues to do so… eek!

There were a few reasons I originally decided against having a wedding video. Mainly the budget and the fact that we aren’t allowed to video the ceremony, but then I spoke to a number of already-married friends who made me think differently. And now I have 5 reasons why I think you should get a wedding video if your budget allows.


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#1  You won’t be able to see the wedding from everyone’s eyes


You’ll be so busy going from one person to another, one photo opportunity to another, one dance to another that you won’t be able spend a lot of time with everyone. A video is a chance to see your big day from other people’s perspective.


#2 You’ll be too excited to take it all in


You’ll be so excited that it will be impossible to have everything from the day really sink in. You’ll probably be running around adrenaline filled and not really appreciating what is going on around you. A video will allow you to take it all in.


#3 The speeches


The speeches are a great part of the day but they are over in a flash (except for those when the father of the bride waffles on for too long!). With a video you can listen to them over and over again and remember the time everyone talked about how great you were!


#4 For those who couldn’t make it


There will inevitably be some people who can’t make your big day or maybe numbers meant that few could only attend the evening ceremony. A video is a perfect way for them to get to see the big day and feel involved.


#5 You will have a lasting memory


Lastly, but probably most importantly, you will have a lasting memory. Whilst you probably won’t sit down every week for the year after your wedding and watch the video (well I might actually!), no doubt you will love to watch it and relive the memories in years to come. It will be something you can show to your children, new friends or anyone who wants to remember the day with you!


Inspiration,   Ideas,   flushing bride,   videographer,   wedding video,   reasons


So these are the reasons that convinced me to bite the bullet and get a wedding videographer!

Are you convinced yet? Or were you sensible and planned for it originally?

Let me know @FlushingB and remember to like me on Facebook!


Another alternative is to see if any of your friends or family are into videography and could possibly put something together for your big day.


If you need any help find the best videographer for you big day, let us know and we will help you out!

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