4 Must Have Conversations to consider before getting married

4 Must Have Conversations to consider before getting married

Some of the things you’d better discuss with your future husband before walking down the aisle.

Dear Brides-to-be, how do you know he’s the one? What made you realise you wanted him and him only? Were you simply struck by those beautiful eyes? Was it that crooked smile of his that made you fall in love, or is there something else behind one of the most important decisions of your life? I have always been fascinated about the whole mechanism of finding the right person.


People get married every day and it is a fact that a high number of marriages sadly do not end up well. However, a lucky number of people succeed in finding their life partner and end up living their own self-written and self-directed fairy tale. How do they do that? I don’t believe it is only a matter of chance. After all, relationships are built over time.



Also, I don’t think “the right person” exists, either. What does that even mean? A person can’t be either right or wrong. People can unexpectedly change, evolve, transform themselves. They can turn from “being right” to “being wrong” in the blink of an eye and there is nothing we can do to prevent these upsetting swings from happening. Opposites attract they say and I believe that it takes a little bit of “right” and a little bit of “wrong” to make a perfect match.


However, if you feel ready enough to take your relationship to the next level, there are 4 major things that you and your future husband should discuss before getting married.


Conversations You Must have


First of all, you need to be on the same page. Do you both want kids? If this topic hasn’t come up yet, now’s the time to talk about whether you want children. Are you open to adoption, if necessary? And once you have kids, how should they be disciplined, when they disobey?


Then, you should take about money. Do you agree to put all your money together or to keep it separate? You should also agree on the amount of money to invest on your future life together. Establish which one of you (if any) is a spender and which one is a saver, and decide how much money you’re going to put aside and how much money you’re going to use for personal spending.


Talk about your values. Faith should get people together, but sometimes it sets them apart. So it’s better if you discuss your religion and your moral values, especially if you want to have kids. You might go into marriage not caring much about this, but the problems could start when the children arrive and you have to might disagree on how to raise them.


How to handle fights. Arguments are absolutely normal in a relationship and almost always inevitable However, you as a couple should learn how to handle them in order to get through them. Understanding and respecting each other is a good way of managing conflicts. You should also learn to distinguish something that is worth fighting for from something that is not worth it.


Conversations you must have

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