Civil Ceremonies

Why choose a civil wedding over a religious wedding?

A civil wedding or civil ceremony option has become increasingly popular nowadays. If you don’t want a religious wedding, you can always opt for a civil ceremony and get married in civic style.


Before even starting to planning your ceremony, you need to know what exactly it is about. A civil ceremony is not a civil union or a Las Vegas kind of wedding, but simply a nonreligious, legal marriage presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one.


civil ceremony


Civil ceremonies are a common option for couples who usually follow into one of the following groups:


- Either the bride or the groom is not religious


- Both partners belong to different religious background and they choose the civil route to avoid potential problems


- The officiant that you’ve chosen won’t preside over an outside ceremony, but you absolutely want to have an outside ceremony because it has always been your dream to get married outdoor.


A civil ceremony differs from a religious one because it is legally binding. This means that if you have a civil ceremony, you don’t need to have two ceremonies. However, if you get married in church,  you’ll have to pay a visit to a local city hall, if you want your marriage to be valid. If you are a religious person but you want to include a few religious rituals or details in your civil ceremony,  you can talk to your officiant and see what can be done about that.


Requirements can vary from state to state but it’s generally a legal official who’s going to officiate. Or,  if you prefer, a friend or family member can also get ordained and marry you. Keep in mind that not every state recognises the certification and you might require additional paperwork.


Finally, a civil ceremony can be held anywhere – outdoor or indoor – so this might be your chance to make your childhood dreams come true.


civil ceremony


Use this tool to plan your ultimate wedding!

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