Should You Take Your Children on Your Honeymoon?

Should You Take Your Children on Your Honeymoon?

4 things to consider when it comes to honeymooning alone or with your children.

There are no hard rules that all couples should follow, there is just what is right for individual families. If the answer doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re not alone – here are some things to consider when you’re trying to decide if your children should accompany you and your partner on your honeymoon.


1. Do You Really Want your Children to Go With You?


Not wanting to share your honeymoon with anyone but your partner does not make you a bad parent – in a lot of cases the children will want to give you your privacy as well. However If it’s just not a holiday without your kids then bring them along and make it a new family bonding experience. Don’t feel obliged, we all need some alone time every now and again.


2. How Old Are Your Children?


Age is an important factor – nothing can spoil the mood of a honeymoon like a sullen teenager who doesn’t want to be there. If your children are younger you can choose locations with good child care facilities so you and your partner can balance your couple time and family time, or if they’re older you can find a resort with activities that cater to their interests. Remember, always plan your activities beforehand if you want to have that sunset kiss without interruption.


3. Does Your Partner Have Children Too?


You can’t take your children and leave your partner’s at home – by leaving one set of children out your starting the relationship off on the wrong foot, which could breed resentment down the line. The important thing when joining families is to treat everyone equally, so if your partner’s kids can’t make it on the honeymoon then explain to your children that the next holiday will be for the whole family. If your partner’s children can make it however it could be a great experience for both sets of kids to get to know each other and start forging those step brother/step sister relationships.


4. Can You Have the Best of Both?


If you can’t decide or find it hard to agree, then consider a compromise. Have a couple of days R&R with your partner directly following the wedding, and then plan a family holiday with the kids after – everyone’s happy.

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