Bridal Shower Party Perfection: Top 8 Tips

Get bonding with your best friends at a fabulous bridal shower you will all love!

A bridal shower makes for a great bonding experience between a bride and those involved in her bridal party whatever the activity.


However many brides struggle to create ideas that is suited to their interests as well as good fun for all their guests.


Whether you’re into art, cooking or a relaxing day out, these bridal shower ideas will get you planning the perfect bridal shower!


1) Cooking Class Bridal Shower


This shower idea is great for budding master chefs or those just wanting to hone their skills. A professional chef will give you everything you need to get you started. Many offer canapés and complimentary wine upon entrance so you’re guaranteed a good time!


bridal shower


2) Art/Craft Classes


Basically any type of hands-on class where you get to learn something new or just partake in your favourite activity is a good idea. For those who fancy themselves as the next Da Vinci, art classes are a good way of doing just that!


Crafting classes can include making your own fragrances, luxury bath items, customised homeware and teas.


bridal shower


3) Wine Tasting/Cocktail Party


Whether at home or at a wine bar or vineyard, there’ll be good times aplenty with some good ol’ wine. If having at home, research what foods would be best served with each one; specially customised glasses for your signature cocktails could not only be a great addition but excellent favours for your guests.


bridal shower


4) High Tea


Finger sandwiches, scones and cake make for delightful treats for a bride and her bridal party. Whether you’re more classic than modern, or more modern than classic, this bridal shower theme can be done with a twist (mad hatter tea party anyone?) to suit anyone’s taste.


bridal shower


5) Themed Bridal Showers


From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Cindy Lauper of 80’s fame; you can never go wrong with a themed bridal shower. Year by year themes prove ever the popular choice as do movie and theatre themes—a perfect excuse to dress up and be as crazy as you want!


bridal shower


6) Spa Day


The all-important spa day must not be neglected; who doesn’t like a good pampering session? If this is more your style, organise a day or weekend away that will get everyone relaxing before the big day.


bridal shower


7) Sleepover Bridal Shower Party


Pay homage to your teenage years with a slumber party filled with games, popcorn and pizza—just like in the old days! (Of course this time there’ll be wine!)


Bust out the games, make up and karaoke machine for a glorious trip down memory lane.


bridal shower


8) Childhood Relived


If reliving your childhood memories sounds like a good idea, why not organise a day out at the amusement park or your favourite places to hang out as a kid. You’re never too old to relive some of those memories that gave you so much happiness as a child! Create a brand new photo album filled with new memories you’ll never forget!


So it’s not quite Bear Grylls, but if you’re a bride that likes to step outside, organise a picnic then a hike or bike ride for a little break of tradition; take it a step further by organising a camping trip—marshmallows roasting on a fire and your best friends, what could be better?


bridal shower


You're not Weddy for the bridal shower we've got planned for you.

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