Bridal Makeup: Tips & Tricks For A Flawless Look

Wedding? Check! Dress? Check! Now to get flawless looking bridal makeup for the big day!

Who doesn’t want flawless skin and great looking makeup on their wedding day? With all the lights, kissing and hugging relatives as well as the possibility of a long sweaty day, how do you remain glowing and sun-kissed?


Obtaining flawless long-lasting bridal makeup on your wedding day is easier than it seems; with these tips and tricks, you’ll be looking fabulously flawless in no time!


Be prepared


Make sure you get a trial run of your bridal makeup about 2 months before the date; you need to have an idea of what you want, how you want it as well as some time to change your mind in case this doesn’t work out. Wear your hair in similar style to what you will be wearing on the day as well as skin care routines including fake tans.


Wear a top in the same colour as your dress so you can have an idea of how your makeup will look against the tones of the dress.


Bridal Makeup Wedding day

Bridal makeup tutorial


Know what you want


Whether you want to do your own makeup or get in a professional, you need to know what you want. If it’s a simple, look you want then get a simple look; ultimately, get a look that suits your needs; don’t let a makeup artist take control and give you something you didn’t ask for just because they’re an expert. It’s also important to know what suits another, may not suit you so find a look that is perfect for YOU and that may be natural looking skin or a bold and bright lip, whatever works on your skin is best.


Bridal Makeup Wedding day

Darker skin makeup tutorial 


Make it last all night!


Use a primer after you’ve completed your skincare routine and moisturised. This will prevent shine and you’ll come out looking great in pictures. Try matte powders and foundations for a long-lasting effect MAC and Rimmel have great ranges especially for this.


Many have suggested that the best way to look great in photos is to pile on more bridal makeup than you think you need and this isn’t the case. A face full of makeup will only show in the photos especially for pictures taken in natural lighting. Try testing this by taking pictures of yourself in natural light (without a flash) to see how your pictures will turn out.


Quick tip: It’s also a good idea to get your makeup artist to work on your look in natural light.


Bridal Makeup Wedding day


The application equation


If you’re thinking of getting a facial, then getting one a month before your makeup trial or wedding day will ensure that any irritation or skin abnormality is corrected before you apply your bridal makeup. This goes for plucking your eyebrows too, getting then plucked/dyed before the wedding day will give your brows time to heal and look a little less inflamed.


Make sure that you have applied foundation not only to your face, but to your neck and shoulders too—which tend to be lighter shades— for an even coverage.


Don’t forget the waterproof mascara! Whether you’re the crying sort or not, tears are guaranteed so you’ll definitely need a little protection! As well as mascara, around your eyes, go for softer colours rather than bolder, daring looks; unless you purposefully choose to do so, your bridal makeup will really benefit in softer more natural shades.


When choosing lipsticks go for something in between matte and glossy; too much matte will dry out your lips whereas too much gloss will create a sticky mess. Go for a texture that moisturises as well as looks smooth and silky.



Bridal Makeup Wedding day

Indian bride make up tutorial 


If you would like to achieve the perfect look for your special day then take a look at our hair & make up specialists.

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