Brangelina - At Last

Brangelina - At Last

It was the wedding we’d all been waiting for and it was certainly worth the wait

It finally happened and we couldn’t be happier! It only took six children, one divorce, a number of philanthropic missions and a whole lot of speculation but it finally happened – Brad and Angelina tied the knot! There are many who thought it wouldn’t happened because as far as traditions go this couple is anything but conventional and while Angelina had been married twice before (to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton which we’re sure you intentionally deleted from your memories) marriage just didn’t seem like it fit in this cool, Hollywood couple. But in April 2012 it happened, a ring appeared on Angelina’s finger and the couple confirmed they were engaged. Heavy speculation followed as to when and where Angelina and Brad would formally marry but a year later with no wedding in sight we started to lose faith. It seemed as though Hollywood’s most elusive and yet high-profile couple were not ever going to make things formal. And then, two years after their engagement and nearly ten years after they became an item the couple were married in both one of the most private and unique weddings the celebrity world had ever seen.


Now there are a number of things that made this wedding so special starting with the fact that it was all about the children. In fact it was actually the children who expressed a desire for their parents to be married. And, upon their request, the couple whose children are truly their life happily obliged planning their wedding with the children in mind. This was seen in the very playful nature of the wedding which took place this August at chapel of Château Miraval, the family's estate in the French village of Correns. Angelina told US weekly that she wanted the children to play a big role in the wedding and consulted them with every aspect of the planning process. The informal, at home style wedding saw less than 20 guests and highlighted the couples intimate nature.


It was Angelina’s dress that really caught media attention though. Despite her many quirks, she went to the best for her wedding dress and found it in a custom-made gown designed by Versace. Her long veil was adorned with her children’s drawings which added yet another personal element. While saying their vows it is claimed that both Angelina and Brad had tears in their eyes and we can certainly understand why. It’s been a long and wonderful road for this couple and while we can happily accept that weddings aren’t for everyone we are certainly overjoyed that this truly inspirational couple reached their happily ever after. In Hollywood it’s not often we see such modest characters hiding away from lights and camera action, in fact it’s become more popular for celebrities to get married on television than anywhere else. So we couldn’t be happier for our dear Angelina and Brad and truly wish them a lifetime of happiness and love.

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