The Best Ages For Women To Get Married

The Best Ages For Women To Get Married

Is there a right time to get married?

There is nothing more annoying than your nosy friends or relatives asking when you’re going to get engaged. It all starts when you take a look around and you see that everybody is getting married or getting pregnant and you feel like you’re just getting more awesome.


It’s true that some people take the express lane on the relationship timeline. For instance, Kaley Cuoco announced that she and her husband moved in together right after their first date. But who are we to judge?


age to get married


No one wants to be told when to make major, life-changing decisions and of course, it’s up to you and your partner to decide whether to take your relationship to the next level.


For many years, researchers have been claiming that it is best to wait until your marriage before moving in together. However, a recent study demonstrated that living together before marriage is not a relationship death sentence and waiting till you’re 25 can increase your odds of a lasting relationship. Odds are that by 25 you’ll be able to support yourself and you’ll be less likely to rush into marriage because you’re seeking financial security from him. Also, at 25 you’ve had the time for some crucial life experiences, including a relationship or two that might have improved your Mr.Right radar.


Despite the fact that many women feel pressured to get hitched by a certain age, many couples still get married at the age of 40. Being focused on advancing in your career is one of the main reasons why it’s okay to get married at 40.  Elizabeth Hurley was 41 when she made it official with her husband in 2007 with a week-long wedding celebration. Marcia Cross, 44 married stokebroker Tom Mahoney, 48 after meeting in a local Los Angeles flower shop. Cross said that if they had met in their 20s, they “probably would have been ships in the night”. Ellen De Generes was 50 years old when she announced her wedding plans. The popular actress proposed to ex-model Portia De Rossi live on her show and now they look more in love than ever.


age to get married


Is there a right age to get married? Probably not. However, before you make the most important decision of your life, make sure you finish school first. Building your own family will costs you money and education is the best tool to build the financial foundation you will need for your marriage and healthy lifestyle.


age to get married

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