7 Budget Tips from the Best in the Business

7 Budget Tips from the Best in the Business

Wedding budgeting tips from the best in the business.

It is probably the hardest and most important factor of any wedding (other than not having anyone to marry) – your wedding budget. This is one area that isn’t easy to get around, overlook or simply deal with later, and no one wants to find themselves in unnecessary debt for a single day (especially in today’s economy). But there are ways to get around the budget issues that don’t include a basic wedding where the lightings fizzling, the food is awful and the drinks are barely dripping. Like anyone getting married you deserve the wedding of your dreams and achieving this doesn’t have to break the bank. So how can you beat your budget and still have a perfect celebration? Well, we asked the girls at Coco Weddings who gave us some advice you can take to the bank!


The first and most important part of your wedding budget is deciding what’s important to you…

You have to make some major decisions here about what requires the biggest budget. This could be the venue, the décor or even the grub. You’ll find here that certain things may have to be crossed off the list altogether but once you’ve prioritised it will be easy to see which areas require more financial attention.


Spend the money in the places that are important…

Think about exactly where guests will be spending a majority of their time and ensure that you focus a considerable amount of your budget on ensuring they have a great experience. While it is your wedding it is undoubtedly important that your guests enjoy themselves too.


Cut the guest list…

This is a difficult one, largely because your guests are people that you want to share your special day with. That being said you have to think practically in this matter and remember that every guest has a price to their head. Cutting down the guest list ensures that the quality of the experience is increased as the quantity is decreased.


Flowers of the season…

A little trick that will minimise the budget is choosing flowers that are both seasonal and local. Doing this cuts shipping costs as well as inflation prices for out of season gems. Fillers and foliage are also a great way to give an effective look at half the price and remember flowers always look good no matter which type you’re going for.


Reduce the food and alcohol costs…

Again, this doesn’t mean you let your guests go hungry or thirsty but it does involve making little cuts to reduce the entire cost. For example, opting for a two-course meal as opposed to three is a great way to reduce food cost. Additionally if you can negotiate the corkage fee at the bar you can still pay for guests’ drink while saving on the final tab.


Hit the decks…

Instead of a live band it can actually work out cheaper to go for a DJ, not only will they come fully equipped with an endless and varied supply of tracks but they also lower the cost as DJ’s are on average half as expensive as live bands.


Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate

Finally, never accept a first offer because chances are your suppliers will always be willing to come down a notch. It’s important to be realistic when it comes to negotiating but if you can figure out a small discount it’s always worth a try.

And there you have it some simple ways to beat that brutal budget. Now keep an eye on it but also relax and enjoy the day of your dreams.

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