Award Winning Milinery Wedding Party Ideas

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience at the best of times so pop open the bubbly and let Award winning Milliner Katherine Elizabeth and Millinery House Events create the perfect wedding party for you.

Planning the finished look for a wedding, whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or just simply a guest can be hard at the best of times. With the perfect dress being at the top of the list, shoes come a close second with the perfect bag. But what about topping off the look with a stylish hat or fascinator in a milinery style wedding party?



With so many options on the market, it’s hard to make that final decision.  Millinery House Events are a London based events company that can help with that choice. Their team can put on a hat party extravaganza where you can not only buy a hat, but you can also design your own hat with help from award-winning Milliner, Katherine Elizabeth.



Katherine Elizabeth Millinery



Katherine Elizabeth is the brain behind the Millinery House Events operation and has an extensive background in everything hat related. She trained for 3 years in fashion at Surrey Institute of Art and Design and then learn millinery under the talented tuition of Stephen Jones creating collections for prestigious labels.



She then worked with Catherine Delaney creating hats for film and theatre designs. From designing under the careful watch of tutors and other designers, Katherine decided to go it alone and so set up her own company under the label of Katherine Elizabeth Millinery. She went from strength to strength with her designs and knowledge and soon her designs featured in Marie Claire and New Magazine.  



It wasn’t long after Katherine’s initial set up that the Millinery House Events came into existence and they also celebrated the same success. TV appearances for BBC during Royal Ascot and The Alan Titchmarsh Show discussing the Millinery House Events’ Mad Hatter party theme soon followed.



Since her successful start, celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Lily Allen Dita Von Tese, and Channel 4 host Jameela Jamil have worn her designs with Fearne Cotton’s finished look being featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Katherine’s success was recognised once again when she won the London Lifestyle Award for the best boutique in 2012 and then she became a member of WALPOLE- an organisation that recognises luxury brands in their perspective fields.




Katherine Elizabeth Millinery




Katherine Elizabeth Millinery




Millinery House Events cover many events from Ascot to Birthdays, bridal showers and Hen parties with various event packages, exclusively created by Katherine herself, on offer.  For the events, Millinery House would recommend Kettners in Soho as the best place to hold the event, however for those on a tighter budget, they also offer up their own studio for parties too or clients can pick the venue that is best for them.



At Millinery House, a personalised experience is key no matter what your budget is and Katherine Elizabeth offers an event that is fun while also being informative.  Be greeted at the door with champagne then take your seats as Katherine’s Highly trained Milliners give a speech and advice for how to make your hats, and what goes into an award-winning hat design then it’s over to you and your party to give it a go for yourself under the talented eye and skilled knowledge of the team.



Katherine says her favourite event to design for is Ascot as this gives her the freedom to be truly creative with her designs and one of the packages on offer caters to Ascot ladies. Her other packages include a fascinator package and a vintage package, one of Millinery Houses’ new packages, which Katherine says is a perfect package for wedding designs.




Katherine Elizabeth Millinery




Katherine Elizabeth Millinery




Katherine Elizabeth came from humble beginnings to setting up her own label and company to match. Having started in her home town of Somerset, she has extended her talents to the big city of London and she says she won’t stop there with Millinery House Events looking to expand on a nationwide scale. With weddings being a very personal experience, Millinery House offer something that rivals many; a fun and unique party, elegant and personal range of venues and to top it off, an exclusive designing masterclass from an award-winning designer.




Millinery House Events offer several exclusively created packages that are perfect for any wedding party, to learn more, go to Millinery House Events.  Alternatively, you can check out their Facebook page ‘Millinery House Events’ or contact her directly at

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