How to Announce Your Engagement in the 21st Century

Stay away from social media until you check out our advice on how best to break the news about your engagement!

Disconnect from the internet.


Do it!

Well, you can finish reading this first, but then do it. It seems like everyone is currently giving minute by minute updates on their lives these days: “My cat just fell off the sofa. LOL”; “Can’t find the remote so on third episode of Antiques Roadshow. LOL”; “Just cut the tip of my finger off making a sandwich. Blood EVERYWHERE… LOL”.

Trust me, announcing your engagement like this on social media is not a good idea.


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Family First

Tradition dictates that it’s the bride’s parents that are first to find out about the happy news. Back in the day, the bride’s father would often know before the bride herself about her partner’s intentions. This doesn’t happen so much anymore; what with teenage girls across the land asserting their authority early on: “You don’t OWN me!!!” right on sista! No man owns you, but it has gone twelve and you have school in the morning…


That aside, the bride’s parents are now first on the list of people that need to be told. Ideally you would want to be doing this in person, it’s an exciting time after all and hugs and congratulatory handshakes will want to be given. If you can’t meet them for geographical reasons then a phone call will suffice.


If Mum and Dad are divorced then try your best to contact them both as soon as possible one after the other to avoid any arguments or hurt feelings. Nothing like a tense relationship being made worse by you playing favourites.


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Next on the list is obviously the groom’s parents. Once again a face to face meeting is ideal but a phone call will be fine as well. It is customary for both sets of parents to meet at this stage- if they haven’t done so already. Traditionally the groom’s mother would invite the bride’s family round for dinner or drinks, but it might be nice if you organised a meal out or at your home so that they could meet for the first time on neutral territory.


With many couples choosing to get married later on in their relationships, it might be the case that you already have children together - or maybe you have children from a previous relationship. In either situation then the children should always be the first to know; even before your parents. This will give them time to process the information before you “go public”.

Click here, for ideas on how to actually make the engagement itself!


Going Public

Now that your immediate family knows of your plans, news of your engagement can start to be filtered out to other relatives and close friends. We recommend that you still stay away from social media for the time being. Everyone loves a good snoop on Facebook, and you don’t want blabbermouth Jill from Accounting telling everyone about your news before you’ve even spoken to your best friend.


Decide who’s next on your list of people to tell and either arrange to meet them or give them a call or text message. We think the idea of announcement photos is a fun way to let everyone know- you can either email them directly, text them or even have them made up into cards!


ideas,   inspiration,   planning,   engagement,   announcement,   21st century,   social media,   tradition,   friends,   family


Pheew! That was a lot of people to tell! Now that everyone super-important is in the know you can finally change your facebook status. There’s no need to formally announce it as Facebook will do that for you- it’s thoughtful like that.


But before you do update your status, have you considered making an announcement in your local paper?

Your parents might like to do this one anyway- especially if they are members of the pre-social networking generation. But you could always do it yourself. I mean, what better excuse to have your name in the paper and feel like a celeb for the day? Not only that but if you like scrap-booking then a newspaper cutting announcing your engagement is a lovely memento.


ideas,   inspiration,   planning,   engagement,   announcement,   21st century,   social media,   tradition,   friends,   family


For advice on how best to break your news, and plan your wedding, get in touch!

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