An Introduction to the Gay Groom

My snappy style, attention to detail and effervescent personality makes me the “Go-to Gay” for helping you plan and live your perfect life!

If you are gay or lesbian and are planning your perfect wedding, then I’m the guy for you!

My name is Robert E. Blackmon a.k.a. “Gay Groom Robert”. I have written a wedding guide that will help you take the guess work out of how to pull it off.


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“The Gay Groom’s Guide To Planning Your Perfect Wedding (Without Losing Your Mind)”, was written out of necessity.

While planning my own wedding, I found it extremely difficult to find appropriate materials for me and my groom. So at the advice of my very smart hubby, Martin, I decided to pen my journey into a guide to help others avoid the aggravations and focus on the bliss of their big day!


Besides being an author, style expert and lifestyle expert, I have been a fashion designer for more than two decades and have designed, DIY’d and organised clients across the globe including such celebrities as Brooke Shields, Bea Arthur and Judy Tenuta.

Growing up an only child in Detroit, Michigan my mom “Miss Clara” noticed a creative side to me at an early age. She enrolled me in art classes which clearly have contributed to my artistic eye.

My snappy style, attention to detail and effervescent personality make me the “Go-to Gay” for helping you plan and live your perfect life.


I designed dresses to help pay for college and quickly garnered a name for myself for my “campy costumes” and gowns. Before online shopping became common place, I started an online, high end children’s company catering to grandparents who love to overindulge their grandchildren called “Aunt Bobbie’s Baby”.


These days I combine all of his talents into helping others experience their full life’s potential- their way! From finding the perfect wedding dress to learning how to live with a messy roommate, I help people find the solutions to living their perfect life!




I’m an author, designer, husband, father and grandpa who has just about seen and done it all. My life reads like a TV movie. People have always said I should write a book about everything that I have experienced and now I have. Now I am sharing it all with you!


Are you ready to live your perfect life? Let’s get started!


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