An Adrenaline Pumped Evening @ Love The Dogs

There is no better to begin your Hen or Stag do than betting, drinking and partying like royalty!

Today is the 87th anniversary of the inaugural Greyhound race at the Wimbledon Stadium, London. For 87 years Greyhound racing at Wimbledon Stadium has cultivated an elite pedigree of entertainment befitting of it’s canine stars. And over the decades it has evolved into the inclusive 21st century establishment that it is today: offering a wide range of amazing Corporate, VIP, and Stag & Hen packages.


It’s historical significance to our national culture can not be underestimated. Having survived WWII with minimal disruption, the Wimbledon Stadium was requisitioned by the a unit of the Royal Signal Corps and races continued after a brief hiatus thanks to a sympathetic Colonel, although limited to just 1 a week. And despite being bombarded by 300-400 incendiary bombs over two nights in February 1944, the show went on for 10 and a half years without the main grandstand!


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In this traditionally British and bullish vein, Love The Dogs crossed the threshold into the 21st Century. Greyhound racing has not conventionally been associated with Hen & Stag nights, but with Millennials keen to discover novel and unique experiences in an age where everything has seemingly been discovered and done, an evening at the tracks is the perfect destination to kick off the night you wish you could remember!


Adrenaline will tear through your veins as the dogs literally zoom past at close to 30 miles an hour. This experience is no pre-theatre menu, followed by a tepid showing of the West End’s Lion King: you’ll be on your feet urging on your hound! In fact, you can be doing this simultaneously while savouring your meal. By all means, this is the perfect activity in lieu of pre-drinks at the pub- table service, premium alcohol and excitement second to no other! If even for just the bang for your buck, this is one hell of a bang!

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As each race begins, the ambience tightens: the lights dim and a palpable tension pervades as the dogs ready themselves for the race. Greyhounds are in fact royal dogs, not corgis, and in the Medieval days gone by only royals were permitted to own them. Princess Anne even owned one! So as an homage to this lineage, trumpets sound to mark the beginning of the race. With 4 races an hour for 4 hours, beginning an evening at Love The Dogs will rev you and your party up as much as a cup final!


So what are you waiting for? Reservations can easily be made online or over the telephone. Just dial 0870 840 8905!


To pass up on casino-grade service while sitting in a fine-dining restaurant is madness. Totes are allocated to each table so treatment will be like the royals of yore: bets taken and winnings delivered without you even having to leave your throne over-looking panorama of the entire stadium!


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As part of the Hen & Stag Experience you will have a race dedicated in your honour and you will preside over the presentation of the trophy! With 3 possible packages to choose from: Trackside, Restaurant and VIP, there is no excuse not to indulge!

The VIP experience will see you into an exclusive box with a hot and cold buffet and a private bar! Missed the finish? You will have a private screen to witness the grand finish again through the highlights.


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All the packages include free £5 voucher per person for tote betting and either a 4-pint pitcher of beer or complimentary £10 bar tab per person, not to mention a commemorative photo (and video, if you want) at your trophy presentation ceremony!

Love The Dogs on Facebook and follow them @WimbledonDogs!


And after the dust has settled from the maddening furore of the early evening, you can just hop on a cab to be happily on your way to having a traffic cone duct-taped to your head!


For help organising your very own action-packed night with the lads or lasses, get in touch!

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