10 Top American Wedding Trends

We Take a Look at the Top Trends Making Their Way Over from America

We all love a good celeb wedding, and no one does a celeb wedding quite like the good ol’ U.S.A. With hundreds of celebs making America their home, it’s no wonder that we in the UK turn to our friends across the pond for wedding inspiration. Without further ado; here are the top American trends that we expect to see making their debut in Blighty during 2015.


The Return of the Veil


As inspired by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and (though not American) The Duchess of Cambridge. Wedding Veils are set to make a huge comeback. Don’t dismiss them before you try them ladies- you only get to wear a veil once so why not give it a go before you miss out on your chance.


american wedding trends


Festival-style Food Trucks
Surely this one’s a no-brainer if you’re opting for an outdoor wedding. Food trucks will allow your guests to graze rather than getting bogged down after a huge meal, not only that but it will lessen the likelihood of excessive drunkenness. Popular food trucks in America include Mister Softee Ice Cream, and hot food trucks that serve fries and mac-n-cheese; just watch out for your dress!


american wedding trends


The Cake Alternative


Apparently wedding cakes are “like, so last year!” In 2015 it’s all about the cake alternatives. Think cookies, or even mini pies and tartlets. It would seem that a good portion of wedding cake gets wasted as guests forget their slice- opting instead to dance off their meals. I’m not sure how true this is as where I come from it’s “you snooze you lose” when it comes to leaving your cake unattended, but hey, each to their own!


american wedding trends


The Chandelier Cake


In case, like me, you don’t buy into the cake alternative, (why not cookies and cake?) then the chandelier cake might be a trend you can get behind. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to suspend your cake from the ceiling. The chandelier cake is just a tiered cake turned upside-down. It may sound simple but the logistics of it are a nightmare, and this isn’t a cake that grandma is likely to be able to pull off for you.


american wedding trends


The Man Cave


Not so much a trend as a step back in time, as this man cave idea gives the groom and male guests their own area to drink whisky and smoke cigars. Personally I’m not a big fan of segregating the guests based on gender, and feel that the “man cave” idea is only one step away from wanting to give the women their own space to throw glitter around, crochet and discuss their favourite stain-removing methods. Perhaps creating a “snug” area where any guest can get comfortable away from the dancefloor and socialise would be a better idea.


american wedding trends


Cocktail Parties


Instead of having a big, sit down meal, many couples on a tight budget are opting for cocktail parties. Guests are free to move around and socialise whilst helping themselves to canapes style foods. Be sure to let your guests know before hand that this is the plan, as they might like to have a larger meal before coming.


american wedding trends


Temporary Tattoos


No, not as a fashion statement thank goodness! But as wedding favours go they’re a fun idea. Include a spray bottle of water and some sponges and let your guests have at it.


American Wedding trends


Floral Wristlets


These are practical alternatives to bouquets for the bridesmaids and you wont have to worry about them losing them! Florists recommend using sturdy flowers and bold colours to make the wristlets stand out.


American Wedding trends


Aerial Photography
This one can be a little pricey, but it’s worth it if you’ve opted for a stunning outdoor location. Photographers use remote controlled helicopters to take high-quality photos and video footage. This is a relatively new trend with quality, affordable equipment only becoming more widely available recently.


American Wedding trends


Bridal Branding


With the rise of social media it seems like everyone is jumping on the “personal branding” bandwagon. Weddings are no different with couples designing their own monograms and logos and including hashtags on their invites. While it’s unlikely that your wedding is going to trend worldwide, we like the idea that you can easily find any wedding photos online using the one hashtag.


American Wedding trends

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